GRAND OPENING: Aquatic Veterinary Services of Northern California!

We have officially opened our doors for business!

Installing a new fish tank? Sick fish at home? Need to check the health of your home aquarium? Call Aquatic Veterinary Services of Northern California!

Aquatic Veterinary Services of Northern California provides quality home care for your aquatic pets. We bring the vet tank-side! No need to worry about transporting your fish or other aquatic pets to the vet’s office. Call (831) 278-1081 or e-mail to schedule an appointment.

We offer classes as well! From the very basic, first tank set up to the glorious world of salt water coral reefs, we have the class for you! Please call or e-mail to schedule a class. A list of classes currently scheduled is available on our Google Calendar and Facebook page.

For your convenience, we offer two base locations: Santa Cruz county and Marin county. Our service fees are based on driving distance to your tank. We are based out of Santa Cruz Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and Marin Sunday and Monday. We are closed Tuesday and Wednesday.

Please contact us by phone or e-mail with any questions.


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