Fish of the Week: Killifish

Killifish come in a wide variety and are essentially all egg-laying fish of the order Cyprinodontiformes. There are over 1000 different species, divided bewteen wild and captive populations. Wild populations are known for surviving in very extreme conditions, and may even survive some periods of drying out!

Killifish (courtesy of Wikipedia)
Killifish (courtesy of Wikipedia)

In our area of California, the Bay Area Killifish Association is dedicated to the enjoyment of killifish in home aquariums. Killifish are relatively easy to keep in a home aquarium. They are a hardy fish variety and come in a wide range of colors. Males can be aggressive towards other males, so only one male per tank. Females can get along with as many as you have room for. For more information or to find a group in your area, check out the American Killifish Association. As with all aquarium fish, killifish need adequate room and clean water. If you are in the Bay Area, our Killifish club is having a meeting this coming Saturday! Check out their Facebook page for more details!


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