Fish of the Week: Angelfish

I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving. We’re back with our fish of the week, the angelfish! Don’t forget, this coming Sunday, December 8th, is our next radio show! Tune into 1080AM or at 1pm PST to learn all about SHARKS! Yes, it’s our first shark show! Yippee!

On to the fish! There are over 100 species of marine and freshwater species of angelfish. Although they all have similar body shape, it is thought that freshwater angelfish are more closely related to cichlids, whereas marine angelfish are more similar to butterfly fish. Freshwater angelfish are found primarily in the Amazon basin and surrounding river systems. Marine angelfish like warm water found around coral reefs. If you have ever been diving or snorkeling around reefs, you most likely have seen many different species of angelfish.

Both freshwater and saltwater angelfish can be kept in home aquariums, but are not for beginners. They require very specific water quality parameters and are not very hardy. Be sure you have enough room for a couple, since they like to hang out with their own species. They have long, flowing fins, so make sure not to house them with any fish who may try to nip at them. They also like places to hide, so make sure you have some spaces for them to hide in if they’re feeling shy.

Saltwater Angelfish - courtesy of National Geographic
Saltwater Angelfish – courtesy of National Geographic
Freshwater Angelfish - courtesy of Wikipedia
Freshwater Angelfish – courtesy of Wikipedia

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