The ZNA Koi Show will be taking place next week in San Jose, CA. If you have time to stop by, come by the Aquatic Veterinary Services on Northern California booth to get some free information and prizes! The koi health seminar will be given by our own Dr. Jessie Sanders and focuses on pathogen resistance. Hope to see you there!

ZNA NorCal Koi Health Seminar 2014 – Pathogen Resistance

In medicine, the discovery of antibiotics revolutionized how doctors treat disease. However, with overuse, even the most successful treatments can come across a pathogen they cannot defeat. How do these superbugs occur and how can we stop them from getting into our fish? Dr. Jessie Sanders of Aquatic Veterinary Services of Northern California will discuss the pathobiology of the pathogens that can resist few or many treatments and how to prevent the creation and spread of these resistant pathogens in your pond.




  1. […] up for the koi show in San Jose next weekend. I hope to see all you locals there! Check out our last post for the show […]


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