Fish of the Week: Coral Beauty

Hello there fish folks! It’s been a busy couple of weeks out here. Getting geared up for the koi show in San Jose next weekend. I hope to see all you locals there! Check out our last post for the show flyer.

On to the fish! This week, our fish is the Coral Beauty (Centropyge bispinosa). Also known as the Two-spined or Dusky Angelfish, the

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Coral Beauty is a brightly colored addition to any home aquarium. They are a good angelfish for beginner aquarists; these fish are relatively shy and get along with lots of other fish. They may act out towards any newcomers in the tank, so be sure to introduce Coral Beauty’s last or in a pair/group. You can have more than one per tank if there is enough room (~30 gal/fish). Like many angelfish species, the Coral Beauty may nip at some stony corals if they are present in your tank.

Overall, the Coral Beauty makes a stunning addition to any home aquarium. As with any fish species, make sure that other species in the tank, including corals, are compatible before making any new additions. And, please, quarantine all new fish additions for 4-6 weeks before adding them to your main tank. For more information on quarantine, check out our article, The Dreaded Quarantine.

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