What’s new at AVSNCA

Don’t worry, we’re still here! It’s been a very busy month! Dr. Sanders attended the American Association of Fish Veterinarians inaugural meeting and the Eastern Fish Health Workshop in Shepherdstown, WV. Both were great meetings with lots of great presentations and discussions with fellow fish veterinarians. Some of our ongoing cases were discussed in order to develop new treatment and diagnostics plans.

For you fellow veterinarians, check out the Aquatic Animal offerings at the upcoming AVMA Convention in Denver, CO, July 25-29. Dr. Sanders will not be able to attend this conference, but had the chance to attend last year’s in Chicago, IL. We hope to take part in the next one, in Boston, MA in 2015.

Sadly, our radio show on KSCO 1080am has been canceled. We will let you know if it makes a comeback or if Dr. Sanders will be appearing on any other programs.

Our office has moved! Finally, after our one year mark, Aquatic Veterinary Services of Northern California has moved into our very first “official” office! Our new address is 331 Soquel Ave, Suite 211, Santa Cruz, CA 95062. Our phone number remains (831) 278-1081.

Stay tuned for our newest project: Setting Up Your First Fish Tank! Interested in learning how to get started in fish husbandry for the first time? We’re assembling a step-by-step guide to take all the stress out of your first fish tank! Stay tuned!

Lots of fun and exciting things are on the horizon! Stay tuned!

Damselfish and others above the reef in Cozumel
Damselfish and others above the reef in Cozumel

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