5 Top Mistakes Fish Owners Make

Do you make any of these mistakes? If you do you’re not alone!

1 - too many fish

2 - disorganized cleaning

3 - poor nutrition

4 - limited education.pub

5 - not recognizing problems.pub
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Printer Friendly: The Top 5 Mistakes All Fish Parents Make



2 thoughts on “5 Top Mistakes Fish Owners Make

  1. Hi I need urgent some advise, my blackmoor stays on the top of the tank in the normal swim position is just he cannot swim to the bottom of the tank and he does it looks like is really difficult for him. I have him in a 55 gall tank I do water changes every two days, I have also a oranda red cap and a butterfly telescope they are growing but not my blackmoor, I’ve been trying feeding with peas for a couple of days and nothing, I used to feed him with sinking pellets but now I’ve decided just feed him with rapashi soilent green, peas and duckweed. I hope you can help me and give me and advise, I really love my fish I do want him to die. Thanks in advance have a lovely day.

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