Top 5 Fish Mistakes – #3: Poor Nutrition

Fish medicine has come a long way in the last few decades and with that comes more knowledge about what fish a supposed to eat. Long gone are the days of flake-only diet. You have options for pellets, frozen food, live food, on and on for any species you desire to keep. A little bit of research goes a long way in order to provide your fish with a decent diet. Check out for a good comprehensive view on what your fish is supposed to be eating.

Keep in mind the size of your fish. Note how big their mouth is. If they can’t get their mouth around the food you feed them, they will not be able to eat! For tiny fish, flake is the best all-around staple diet. It can be supplemented with live or frozen food if you prefer. For medium size fish, pick a diet that is appropriate to their species and mouth size. Fish with large mouths can be fed a wider variety of foods, but they need a fish-pellet diet to stay at optimum health.

Once open, fish food will not keep for more than 6 months. Keep that in mind when purchasing your bag of food. You will need to use it all in 6 months. Flake food degrades even faster, due to its increased surface area. The first component to break down is vitamin C, an important component in health and immunity. Other vitamins follow soon after, so make sure you’re replacing your food every 6 months.

How much are you feeding your fish? Like our land-based pets, sometimes we feed our love to our pets, causing them to gain excess weight. We recommend checking out our feeding guidelines to give you some starting points. Remember that fish metabolism is temperature dependent!

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