“Coming in Hot”

Hospital codes can be universal or for one facility. When our vet tells the office, “coming in hot,” it means we have a patient inbound to the hospital and will try to get there as soon as possible. Staff is responsible for making sure the tank for that fish is ready and standing by with oxygen and basic triage supplies, just in case.

Have you ever driven a fish in a car before? How do you drive “fast” with a fish in the car?

The answer: very carefully. When we pack fish for movement, they are usually in a plastic bag with an airstone running off a pump and power converter. They are essentially the same as a very full cup of coffee. Not hot coffee, but at least a couple gallons of coffee. If you stop too fast or hit the gas too hard, there’s going to be a tsunami in your car. You can get up to highway speeds, but it’s going to take a little distance. Slow acceleration is the key, and it does take some practice.

And due to a fish’s sensitivity to vibration, we’re limited in our tune selection. Basically, anything with bass is OUT. Our vet prefers books on tape for long fish transports or no radio for short trips.

So, the next time you’re driving behind a giant fish car and you’re comparing their driving capacity to your grandma’s, remember, they might have a fish in there and are just avoiding a flood and have no music to entertain them.


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