Best Websites for Pet Fish Help

The Spruce Pets

This newer website puts a priority on good fish health. They have many veterinarian-approved articles and are increasing their topics daily. Including both saltwater and freshwater aquariums, beginner to advanced fish keepers can find something new to learn.

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Recently bought out by, has numerous veterinarian-approved/written articles about pet fish. They have some very well-written articles about fish disease and nutrition. However, some of their topics are in need of an update and may be a little vague!

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Although they are known for selling fish, their general care sheets are helpful and easy to read. Our staff frequently uses these pages to become familiar with more obscure species and most importantly, find out what water parameters they prefer! They have a separate Resource Center with a collection of articles including topics such as Reef Care, Water Movement, and Aquarium Lighting.

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The Fish Doctor: YouTube Page

One of our Australian fish vet colleagues has amassed the biggest pet fish video library and you can watch them all! Many veterinary-specific therapies and diagnostic tools can be observed along with basic fish care and skills. Fair warning, some are not approved for those who are not a fan of blood and guts.

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