New Books Coming Soon

Interested in learning more about fish health and wellness? We’ve been working hard on some new educational resources for all you pet fish owners! Introducing…

How to Kill Your Goldfish, Koi & Betta!

Disclaimer: We obviously do NOT want you to kill your fish. This book will show you how to keep that from happening!

Learn all about fish health with the following helpful chapters, taken straight from the mouths of fish owners:

  • “My fish store would never sell me sick fish!”
  • “I test my pH with strips every once in awhile. It’s the only water quality parameter worth worrying about.”
  • “My pond is ‘all natural’ and never needs to be cleaned.”
  • “I have a UV light, so my fish won’t get sick form any parasites or bacteria.”
  • “I buy my fish the best, most expensive fish food.”
  • “I don’t need a veterinarian! I have a friend with access to all the drugs I need.”
  • “My fish died a few days ago. Can you tell me if it’s something I should be concerned about?”

Click here to read an excerpt from How to Kill Your Goldfish.

If you or your friends or family have said any of the above phrases, you need to buy this book. Sign up to receive updates on availability. We hope to have them available by this summer.

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  1. Congrats on your next books …you are so talented and knowledgeable. You could be saving thousands of fish with your new publications !

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