One of my colleagues likes to start all of his speaking engagements by asking the following question:

If you walk up to any random person on the street and ask them for help with your pet fish, what will they tell you to do?

A. David Scarfe PhD, DVM, MRSSAf, CertAqV

Here are the top answers:

  1. Look it up on the internet.
  2. Ask the people at the pet store.
  3. Flush it.

No where on this list does it mention a veterinarian! To be honest, most veterinarians wouldn’t know what to do with a fish if it came through their door. Pet fish are a severely under-served collection of pets. Fish do not receive the same respect as a cat, dog or horse. Any pet parent has squandered hours trying to find help for a simple problem or severe illness or injury. But what if there was someone who could answer your questions, fix your fish quickly with minimal stress and prevent it from happening again? Well, here we are.

Aquatic Veterinary Services is dedicated to treating pet fish like family. Fish deserve all the same care and consideration as your other pets, and our service is your one-stop shop. We are here to make your fish-keeping lives as easy as possible with expert advice and assistance without mucking about in internet forums or pet store after pet store.