USDA-logoAquatic Veterinary Services can help you with oversea exports (CVI) and medicated feed (VFD)! Dr. Jessie Sanders is a Level II Accredited Veterinarian with the USDA. We are able to sign off on all aquatic products for shipment overseas. If you have a specific request in mind, please contact us at (831) 728-7000.



  1. good evening/morning to you.
    let me introduce myself to you I am a health standards officer for the bkks( British koi keepers society)and also our local koi club, I watched with great interest the koi with a tumour video you posted on face book and would like to ask your permission to show this at one of our monthly meetings, but was not sure it was right to with out you say so,
    As a club we are all ways looking in to giving our members all the support we can as a health officer its us the turn to when they need help as there is not many vets that specialise in koi heath as we do, I myself have kept koi for well over 15 years and had to treat many koi thought poor water quality and bad house keeping or overstocking of the pond,
    what I would like to ask is there any way you could send me a link or links to koi / gold fish operations you have carried out to show at our meetings please.

    1. Yes, please go ahead and share the video. It is always great to meet other koi enthusiasts! For other procedures, I have done periodic reports on the website. If you are interested, I can email you a powerpoint file with some more information on our advanced procedures.

  2. That would be so good if you could please

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