For those of you who read our pricing page, you know that paying a specialty service to come to your house, do all the work and diagnose complex issues carries a premium fee. But is that fee worth it to your fish? We certainly think so, but we can breakLearn More →

I mean, if people over the internet can do it, why can’t veterinarians? Sorry to say, but being a state licensed veterinarian requires all patients have a valid VCPR, which is mandated by state veterinary practice laws. These laws may vary slightly by state, but for an example, here isLearn More →

It’s a well-known stigma that pet fish don’t rank on the same level as cats and dogs. Often considered “disposable,” fish are often trial pets for many families. They are thought as “lesser” animals mostly because we cannot relate to them like we can cats and dogs. We can’t measureLearn More →