Many “internet fish helpers” recommend fasting sick fish, or decreasing their diet, and we have to ask…WHY?!?!? If you were constantly swimming to survive, you’d be burning a lot more calories than sitting at your desk, reading this article. When you’re sick, you often want to lay around in bedLearn More →

Fish respond to the same circadian rhythms as most other life on earth. For outdoor systems, this is easy to utilize for your fish, provided you do not blind them overnight with underwater lights. For the lowest stress environment, mimicking the natural outdoor cycle is best for your fish. IfLearn More →

Floating goldfish post-eating is a common issue that results in an internet wormhole. Let’s get some facts straight: Goldfish are Physostomous Fish Yes, it’s a big word. What is means is that goldfish, like many other carp, have a pneumatic duct between their swim bladder and esophagus. It connects inLearn More →

I mean, if people over the internet can do it, why can’t veterinarians? Sorry to say, but being a state licensed veterinarian requires all patients have a valid VCPR, which is mandated by state veterinary practice laws. These laws may vary slightly by state, but for an example, here isLearn More →

An aquatic environment is an ideal growth environment for many fungi, especially water molds such as Saprolegnia. Unless your fish’s immune system is compromised, you won’t have any reason to worry about fungal infections. Fungal Species There are thousands of potential species of fungus lurking in your aquarium or pond.Learn More →

One of the most common owner concerns we get calls about are “ulcers” on their fish? What is an “ulcer,” how do they come about and how do you fix them? What is an “ulcer?” Most commonly, fish get skin ulcers. This is an open wound in the skin ofLearn More →

If you are new or old to the fish keeping hobby, no doubt you have heard the phrase “system cycling.” What does this mean? To “cycle” an aquarium is to establish its biological filtration, more specifically, your nitrogen cycle. Cycling refers to the colonization of beneficial bacteria to convert yourLearn More →

What is “constipation?” It is the inability to pass fecal material usually due to dehydration or lack of fiber in the diet. Thankfully, goldfish are physiologically built to never be constipated. Why is my goldfish NOT constipated? Imagine a goldfish swimming in their tank. Remember, goldfish are freshwater fish. Now,Learn More →

It’s a well-known stigma that pet fish don’t rank on the same level as cats and dogs. Often considered “disposable,” fish are often trial pets for many families. They are thought as “lesser” animals mostly because we cannot relate to them like we can cats and dogs. We can’t measureLearn More →

Many people who own fish tanks or ponds may have a regular cleaning service help with their maintenance. But how do you know a competent service from a dud? Your fish will thank you! Can they name all the components of your system? This is a simple and easy test.Learn More →