If you have the newest edition of KOI USA (May/June 2014), turn to page 44 for another article on fish health from Dr. Jessie Sanders! Don’t get KOI USA? Well, you should! Click here for more information on how to subscribe. Dr. Sanders gave a presentation on pathogen resistance atLearn More →

Another new article for our fish health 101 section, this one all about proper quarantine procedures. I know quarantine is a pain, but please keep in mind… Quarantining your fish will save you time, money and lives. Maybe the lives of ALL your fish. Enjoy! Click here to read!Learn More →

A few months ago, I was at a koi sale and saw this guy swimming around a tub. What do you think happened to this fish? It may have been a previous injury that never healed properly. Possibly this fish has had this defect since birth. Being the curious veterinarianLearn More →

So, instead of learning about a new fish species this week, I thought we’d take a short detour into one of the procedures us fish vets have to do from time to time. Fish, like all other animals, can get tumors, and koi in particular are susceptible to gonadal tumorsLearn More →

Do fish need a visit from the veterinarian? Absolutely YES! The responsibility with owning a pet doesn’t extend just to cats and dogs. If you are the proud owner of a fish, don’t you want to keep him/her happy and healthy? Since it’s hard to bring a fish to theLearn More →