Proper fish tank or pond maintenance takes patience to learn but is easy to master. Once you find a routine that works for you, your water will always be perfect and your fish will thank you for it. Not to mention all the money you’ll save on veterinary bills! –Learn More →

Old Tank/Pond Syndrome What is it? This occurs in fish tanks and ponds with the following water quality parameters: pH: <6.0 Alkalinity (kH): <50 mg/L, usually 0 mg/L Ammonia: >1.5 mg/L Nitrite: >0 mg/L Nitrate: >40 mg/L The loss of buffers (alkalinity) can lead to pH swings and a pHLearn More →

Are you a realtor? Do you think it’s extra hard to sell a home with a pre-existing koi pond? Well, never fear! We’ve written the complete guide to selling a home with a koi pond: highlighting their many attributes while finding solutions to perceived challenges. Click HERE to download your copyLearn More →

Putting in a new pond comes with lots of challenges. You built it perfectly with great filtration and put in the most amazing fish, but your ammonia is off the charts and you can’t get your filter to start cycling. (Cycling is the process wherein good bacteria convert toxic ammoniaLearn More →

What do I feed my koi? Figuring out the right food to feed your fish can be a tricky task. Remember, unlike your fluffy pets, a fish’s metabolism is tied to the water temperature. Please keep in mind that this is different from the ambient (air) temperature! All pond ownersLearn More →

At AVSNCA, we get lots of questions about water changes. How much? How often? Get all your answers in our newest article! Never heard of one? If you are a fish owner, you need to read our new article on Water Changes in our Fish Health 101. Right now. Learn More →

Another new article for our fish health 101 section, this one all about proper quarantine procedures. I know quarantine is a pain, but please keep in mind… Quarantining your fish will save you time, money and lives. Maybe the lives of ALL your fish. Enjoy! Click here to read!Learn More →

Hello fish folks! Something different for you this week: we just updated our Fish Health 101 page with a new article! Check it out to learn all about stress free water quality for koi owners!Learn More →

Do fish need a visit from the veterinarian? Absolutely YES! The responsibility with owning a pet doesn’t extend just to cats and dogs. If you are the proud owner of a fish, don’t you want to keep him/her happy and healthy? Since it’s hard to bring a fish to theLearn More →