First, let’s get one thing straight: not all quarantine protocols are legitimate. You may have been told your fish has been “quarantined,” but what does that really mean? How long was the quarantine? Were they mixed with fish from other dealers? Were they prophylacticly treated with anything? We know ourLearn More →

Sorry to tell you that if you add fish to water, you will get algae. No matter how diligent your quarantine, you can’t avoid it. So what can you do to minimize your algae problems? Remember: people hate algae; fish don’t really mind it. The biggest concern with a massLearn More →

Many systems can benefit from a deep cleaning once a year or twice a year. In order to get in there and get all the muck out, some owners and maintenance companies will remove the fish and put them in a temporary holding tank. Before you toss the fish backLearn More →

Looking to decrease your water changes and grow some delicious veggies for your family to enjoy? Then you need AQUAPONICS! What is “aquaponics?” Aquaponics utilizes “natural” fertilizers in water to grow plants. It is similar to “hydroponics,” which uses synthetic fertilizers to grow plants. Aquaponics most often refers to growingLearn More →

If you keep any fish you will have multiple tanks at some point, even just a simple hospital/quarantine tank at the ready. You may have adopted a new tank off the “FREE” Craigslist page and want to use it for your fish. If you only have one set of equipment,Learn More →

Substrate in fish tanks refers to the gravel, rocks, sand, etc that is on the bottom of your tank. Certainly it increases your tank’s aesthetic appeal, but do you really need it? The answer = no. “But it provides biological filtration!” Yes, your substrate does hold some of the friendlyLearn More →

“What can I do to set my fish up for a long, healthy life?” We hear this question a lot and there are a few simple things all pet fish owners can do to improve their fishes’s quality of life. 1) Maintain Your Water Quality This is what my tombstoneLearn More →

“Get a snail to clean your tank!” Next thing you know, you have a snail tank instead of a fish tank. What causes these gastropods to replicate so quickly? How can you avoid an overpopulation of snails in your tank? It often just takes one snail. One snail? How doesLearn More →

When it comes to sick fish, the internet can be more confusing than helpful. As far as we know, Google does not have any medical degrees, so let’s clear some things up. Here are the most common fake fish diseases our offices comes across: “My fish has ‘swim bladder.’” ThisLearn More →

Getting ready to move your fish into a new tank? How do you make sure they survive the transition and get comfortable in their new home? Be sure to follow the next few steps to make the process painless! You MUST match pH and temperature between systems. Your tank pHLearn More →