Surgery? On a fish? As odd as that may sound, fish surgery is a common occurrence in our veterinary practice. From the simple “lump-ectomy” to a fully-invasive abdominal explore (ceolom explore for professionals), fish can undergo surgery just like you or your furry pets. We have some of these postedLearn More →

Happy New Year fish fans! Ran into this post from Vancouver Aquarium: The Rockfish with the Fake Eye. We tend to remove eyes fairly commonly in the fish vet world, and apparently, this little guy wasn’t doing so great with only one eye. So, what is a vet to do?Learn More →

So, for those of you who do not receive KOI USA magazine, they have given me permission to post it here on our website. If you are not subscribed to KOI USA, I highly suggest doing so. Not only do they have lots of fun fish articles, other interest areasLearn More →

A few months ago, I was at a koi sale and saw this guy swimming around a tub. What do you think happened to this fish? It may have been a previous injury that never healed properly. Possibly this fish has had this defect since birth. Being the curious veterinarianLearn More →

So, instead of learning about a new fish species this week, I thought we’d take a short detour into one of the procedures us fish vets have to do from time to time. Fish, like all other animals, can get tumors, and koi in particular are susceptible to gonadal tumorsLearn More →

Do fish need a visit from the veterinarian? Absolutely YES! The responsibility with owning a pet doesn’t extend just to cats and dogs. If you are the proud owner of a fish, don’t you want to keep him/her happy and healthy? Since it’s hard to bring a fish to theLearn More →