Fish Care

Fake Fish Diseases

When it comes to sick fish, the internet can be more confusing than helpful. As far as we know, Google does not have any medical degrees, so let’s clear some things up. Here are the most common fake fish diseases our offices comes across: “My fish has ‘swim bladder.’” This is the equivalent of you …

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Do Fish Need Light?

What is the answer to “do fish need light?” Fish respond to the same circadian rhythms as most other life on earth. The best lighting for fish tanks utilize this same rhythm. For outdoor systems, this is easy to utilize for your fish, provided you do not blind them overnight with underwater lights. For the …

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Fish System Cycling

If you are new or old to the fish keeping hobby, no doubt you have heard the phrase “fish system cycling.” What does this mean? To “cycle” an aquarium is to establish its biological filtration, more specifically, your nitrogen cycle. Cycling refers to the colonization of beneficial bacteria to convert your fishes’ primary waste, ammonia, …

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Preventative Medicine in Fish

feeding fish

What does “preventative medicine in fish” mean? Essentially, all it means is calling the doctor before your fish is sick in order to catch disease early. The earlier a disease can be caught, the easier it is to manage. This is why you get your yearly physical, routine bloodwork and colonoscopy. The same is true …

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Fish Metabolism & Temperature

Fish Tank

Fish metabolism plays a critical role in our treatment protocols. Why do we have to wait on surgery and other treatments until the water warms up? Well, it’s one of the unusual things about aquatic veterinary medicine: our patients cannot regulate their internal body temperature. Known as “ectotherms,” or “cold-blooded,” fish along with amphibians and …

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Vacation Care for Fish

fish tank water quality

If you’re planning on leaving your fish at home, it is critical to plan their vacation care. It’s a lot harder to take your fish with you on vacation compared to your dog or even cat. That means you’ll have to plan for them to receive care while you’re away. If you don’t have a …

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Veterinary Care for Fish

It’s a well-known stigma that pet fish don’t rank on the same level as cats and dogs. Often considered “disposable,” fish are often trial pets for many families and veterinary care for fish isn’t even considered. They are thought as “lesser” animals mostly because we cannot relate to them like we can cats and dogs. …

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Disaster Planning for Fish


If you own pets, they better be a part of your disaster planning. No matter where you live in the world, there is some sort of disaster that can strike with little to no warning. If you haven’t started planning, we recommend taking a look at the AVMA’s Disaster Preparedness website. After reading that, you …

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How to Transport Fish

If the occasion comes that you need to move your fish more than a room away, there are many safety issues you need to consider before you transport fish. We will discuss the many important factors about how to transport fish, regardless of their size. Most important: your desired destination MUST be ready for your …

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How to Store Fish Food

fish food pellets

It may sound simple, but proper storage of your fishes’ food will allow it to retain the most nutrition for the longest period of time. However, with any fish food, you must replace it after 6 months due to the loss of water-soluble vitamins, such as vitamin C. To be honest, I’ve never seen a …

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