Koi Resources

Interested in learning more about koi keeping? You should join a local club! Great member resources and discussions with other koi enthusiasts. Here are a few Aquatic Veterinary Services of Northern California participates in regularly:

Monterey Bay Koi & Pond Club

Santa Clara County Koi & Water Garden Club

Zen Nippon Airinkai – Northern California

San Francisco Bay Area Koi Club

Out of our area? Check out the Associated Koi Clubs of America to find one near you!


In our area of California, there are several koi distributors in San Jose, CA that would love to help you add more koi to your pond! Some also carry lots of pond supplies!

Cherry Hill Koi & Water Gardens (408) 260-1445

Champion Koi (408) 528-0821

Genki Koi (408) 295-4500

Fancy Koi Outlet/DreamPond (no fish) (408) 283-9302

Liquid Gardens (408) 252-1500

Tse Koi (408) 259-2893

Regan Koi (408) 592-2507

If you need help picking out a new fish, please give us a call! (831) 346-6151. We offer pre-purchase exams! Make sure a fish is healthy before buying it!



  1. Thanks for coming all the way out to Vega Rd. Last week, and all the fine education you imparted on us while you were here. Our fish look great and seemed to recovered soon after your visit. Thanks


  2. mersparks says:

    It was sure handy having you at Sundays Koi event. Thanks for the info.


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