Aquatic Veterinary Services

has many options for helping your sick fish.

Phone Consult

Speak with our veterinary staff directly in regards to any fish health questions you may have. Rate $60/15 minutes (not pro rated)

Email Consult

Send pictures or test results to our veterinary staff for consultation. Appropriate email address will be provided once appointment has been made. Rate $25/100 words and up to 3 pictures.

$25 fee will be refunded if mobile or in-house appointment is required.

In-House Appointment

Bring your fish to our veterinary hospital with a water sample for a full appointment with our veterinarian. Cost for one fish with water sample testing approximately $80-200.

Mobile/At-Home Appointment

Our veterinary staff comes to you and your fish. Our most popular option since you don’t have to catch any fish! Cost for three fish with water testing approximately $300-$350.

appointment request button

Or fill and submit the form below for in-house and mobile appointments ONLY

For immediate service, please call our office directly at (831) 346-6151. Emails may take a few days for a response.

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