Our Favorite Posts of 2019

Our Favorite Posts of 2019

Another year almost gone! Catch up on some of our favorite posts from the past year. Many more to come in 2020, and we're always open to new ideas! Comment with any topics you would like us to cover in 2020 and beyond. May all your fish be happy and healthy in the new year. [...]


The Biggest Challenge in Aquatic Veterinary Medicine

The Biggest Challenge in Aquatic Veterinary Medicine

It's no secret that our veterinary medicine niche, aquatics, is minuscule. A rough estimate, gathered from AVMA, AAFV, WAVMA and IAAAM memberships, taking into consideration that two of those groups are international, puts aquatic veterinarians around 0.2% of the total veterinarians in the USA. I am proud to be one of them and one of [...]

How to Get Started in Aquatic Veterinary Medicine

Our office gets countless inquiries from students asking how they can get started in a career in aquatic veterinary medicine. And our #1 question asked by almost 100% of our clients... How did you [Dr. Sanders] get into this field? I was one of those obnoxious kids who knew I wanted to be a veterinarian [...]

What is a “Certified Aquatic Veterinarian?”

What is a “Certified Aquatic Veterinarian?”

You may have noticed a few extra letters after our chief veterinarian's name: Jessie Sanders, DVM, CertAqV The "DVM" stands for "Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine" and applies to all veterinarians. (Unless you went to Penn and then you have VMD after your name.) But what does the "CertAqV" stand for? "CertAqV" is short for "Certified [...]

“My fish only cost a few dollars, why does he deserve veterinary care?”

It's a well-known stigma that pet fish don't rank on the same level as cats and dogs. Often considered "disposable," fish are often trial pets for many families. They are thought as "lesser" animals mostly because we cannot relate to them like we can cats and dogs. We can't measure happiness or how fish communicate [...]


Many people are surprised to find that our services are more than they expected compared to what they pay for a cat or dog appointment. Why is that? General Practice vs. Specialty Practice Our practice manager puts it concisely, “would you go to your GP to get back surgery?” Of course not! Gone are the [...]

How do you know if a fish is sick?

We've already established that fish get sick, so how can you recognize when something is wrong? Signs of illness can be broken down into two categories: physical and behavioral. Physical These indicators of illness can be very easy to spot. Physical signs of disease include: Changes in colorationBumps/lumpsAsymmetrical body shapeMisshapen finsWoundsUlcersEtc, etc etc Most of [...]

Fish Surgery Diagnostics

How do fish veterinarians decide when it's time for a fish to go under the knife? Surgery can be very beneficial for fish when it is warranted. Water Quality Testing Prior to any surgery, a veterinarian MUST test the water quality. If the water quality is off in any way, recovery after surgery will be [...]

Day 2,190 – Reflecting Upon 6 Years

Tomorrow, March 13th, 2019 will mark Aquatic Veterinary Service's 6 year anniversary. It has been quite a year for us, moving out of a bad location into a new facility and getting ready for some new changes and challenges. We'll be sharing those new updates with you later this week. In a business where there [...]

Top 5 Most Common Problems with Koi Ponds

Koi make up the majority of our veterinary practice, and in seeing so many cases, some common themes occur. Don't make the same mistakes with your fish! Not Checking Your Fish Daily - We know in the winter, when metabolisms are quiet, your fish are not very entertaining. However, even in the slower, winter months, [...]