When it comes to sick fish, the internet can be more confusing than helpful. As far as we know, Google does not have any medical degrees, so let’s clear some things up. Here are the most common fake fish diseases our offices comes across: “My fish has ‘swim bladder.’” ThisLearn More →

The Spruce Pets This newer website puts a priority on good fish health. They have many veterinarian-approved articles and are increasing their topics daily. Including both saltwater and freshwater aquariums, beginner to advanced fish keepers can find something new to learn. Recommended Articles Buying an Aquarium for a Child orLearn More →

The #1 Mistake – Not Asking for Help We’ve made it all the way to our #1 mistake new fish owners make: not asking for help when you’re over your head. A new hobby can be very challenging and there’s no shame in getting assistance if you’re overwhelmed. But, asLearn More →

Keeping fish couldn’t be simpler! Get tank, add water and then add fish, right? Well, I’m sorry to say it just isn’t that easy. Here are the 10 top mistakes that all new fish owners make. Not learning about fish prior to getting them. You wouldn’t get a dog orLearn More →

Everyone always wants to know how to keep their fish system from becoming infested with some horrible disease that puts all their fish at risk. Well, it’s a lot simpler than you think! Quarantine. Quarantine. Quarantine. This includes plants and ALL NEW FISH. The stress of handling and transport isLearn More →

We have had several instances over the last month of fish being over treated with a wide array of over the counter fish medications. Please read this if you are unfamiliar with how to treat sick fish or do not have much experience. Overuse of medication in fish can leadLearn More →

This post is in honor of an e-mail I received shortly after my radio show yesterday. Apparently, just one of these little guys took down an entire tank of cichlids! Further warning to check species compatibility before adding new fish to your tank. The Jack Dempsey (Rocio octofasciatum) is aLearn More →

Sorry to have missed last week’s fish! We’ve been busy around here. Finally got some anesthetic drug, big nets and all our state paperwork! Time to get going! Many special thanks to all the friends and family who attended our launch party this weekend at Bantam in Santa Cruz. ItLearn More →