Fish Stunting

Fish Stunting

Many people will say that some fish, goldfish in particular, will "grow to the size of their container." If given lots of room and food, carp species, including goldfish and koi, have the potential for ridiculous growth, up to 16-20"! Many of the largest goldfish even seen were once pets that were "released" into the [...]

How long do betta fish live?

If your betta’s home is in a bowl, you can expect a shortened life span. Any fish living in a bowl is in an environment unfit for long-term survival. The best environment for a long-lived, healthy betta is a minimum 5-gallon tank with a filter and a heater. Yes, bettas are tropical and NEED A [...]

Our Favorite Posts of 2019

Our Favorite Posts of 2019

Another year almost gone! Catch up on some of our favorite posts from the past year. Many more to come in 2020, and we're always open to new ideas! Comment with any topics you would like us to cover in 2020 and beyond. May all your fish be happy and healthy in the new year. [...]

How Do You Treat a Betta Fish?

Betta fish can be a particular tricky species for an aquatic veterinarian to assess. Their tiny size limits diagnostics and usually limited water volume limits our ability to test water quality parameters. So, how do we work on such tiny fish? Most of the exams for our betta patients are mainly visual. They are very [...]

Respect Your Betta

There is no fish that lacks respect in the fish kingdom than the amazing betta. Goldfish are a close second, but most people see betta fish as the easiest pet to care for. Just drop it in a vase and poof! Instant fish tank. Our office gets a lot of calls about betta fish. I [...]

Fish Bowl Syndrome

A common problem we see, especially in betta fish, is known as Fish Bowl Syndrome. Essentially, it can be broken down into one main issue: Your fish is in a bowl. Problem #1: Your fish has no filtration for processing of dangerous ammonia waste. Without a place for bacteria to grow and filter the water, [...]