Many people will say that some fish, goldfish in particular, will “grow to the size of their container.” If given lots of room and food, carp species, including goldfish and koi, have the potential for ridiculous growth, up to 16-20″! Many of the largest goldfish even seen were once petsLearn More →

Cryotherapy is being used more and more in aquatic veterinary medicine, but how does it work? DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. Like cryotherapy in other species, the most beneficial treatments are for superficial skin issues. Our office commonly uses cryotherapy to treat external lumps and skin disease like hikui.Learn More →

Many pond owners will prophylactically treat their ponds every spring, regardless of many criteria. Whether it’s an anti-parasitic, a “clarifier” or a “refresher” treatment, you probably DON’T need to be adding it. Using unlicensed products is a dangerous idea and if you aren’t sure of your total pond volume, youLearn More →

I can’t believe another year has passed. Has doing this job gotten any easier? In some ways yes, in others, not so much. We still struggle against the age-old stigma that pet fish don’t have access to or require veterinary care. We still get bad reviews from people who’s expectationsLearn More →

Interested in learning more about fish health and wellness? We’ve been working hard on some new educational resources for all you pet fish owners! Introducing… How to Kill Your Goldfish, Koi & Betta! Disclaimer: We obviously do NOT want you to kill your fish. This book will show you howLearn More →

If your fish is presenting any physical or behavioral signs of illness, don’t wait around for them to magically get better! Follow these steps for the best chance to save your fish. Step 1: Check Your Water Quality Poor water quality is the #1 cause of illness and disease inLearn More →

For those of you who read our pricing page, you know that paying a specialty service to come to your house, do all the work and diagnose complex issues carries a premium fee. But is that fee worth it to your fish? We certainly think so, but we can breakLearn More →

Unfortunately, not many veterinarians are able to see and treat pet fish. It is a growing specialty and we are working hard to spread the appropriate training materials and opportunities to those veterinarians who are interested. But what can you do in order to find a fish veterinarian in yourLearn More →

Not all fish start out with the best life. We have received several requests to assist with fish “rescue” jobs and owners unsure what to do with their new pets. Often taken in under less than ideal circumstances, what can do you do to make your new fish feel atLearn More →

“What can I do to set my fish up for a long, healthy life?” We hear this question a lot and there are a few simple things all pet fish owners can do to improve their fishes’s quality of life. 1) Maintain Your Water Quality This is what my tombstoneLearn More →