Top 10 Mistakes New Fish Owners Make – #1

The #1 Mistake - Not Asking for Help We've made it all the way to our #1 mistake new fish owners make: not asking for help when you're over your head. A new hobby can be very challenging and there's no shame in getting assistance if you're overwhelmed. But, as we covered with mistake #3, [...]


Top 10 Mistakes New Fish Owners Make – #3

The #3 Mistake - Relying Too Much on Internet Searches The internet is a wonderful, magical place. Because if it's published on the internet, it must be true, right? Sorry to tell you, but Dr. Google does not have any sort of medical degree. Have you read all about the magic of tiny green peas [...]

The Dreaded White Spot Disease

The Dreaded White Spot Disease

Ich, white spot disease or more formally Ichthyophthirius multifiliis, is one of the most common freshwater parasites. It is a protozoan parasite and can cause 100% mortality if not treated quickly. Unlike some other parasites, only one of these can cause a major problem. As a fish veterinarian, I perform skin and gill biopsies commonly. If I were [...]