Freshwater Fish Lice – Tiny Alien Parasites

There are many parasitic crustaceans throughout the fish kingdom, the one most commonly seen in pet fish is Argulus ssp., also known as "Fish Lice." Under the microscope, they are one of the strangest looking parasites you will come across. Flickr/Chris Blanar These parasites are found in salt and freshwater all around the world. We [...]


Trichodina in Freshwater Fish

Also known as the "scrubbing bubbles," trichodinosis is caused by freshwater parasites commonly found on koi and goldfish. Although there are many species, they all have a similar appearance and behavior. They are circular in shape and have multiple teeth that ratchet around, feeding on skin and mucus. Here you can watch them in action: [...]

Freshwater Fish Flukes

Freshwater Fish Flukes

Given the common name of "flukes" by hobbyists, monogenean trematodes are one of the most common parasites we come across in freshwater fish. There are many species that can infect freshwater and marine species, but we mainly deal with the gyrodactylus and dactylogyrus. Mainly feeding on the external layers of skin and gill tissues, these [...]