Fish of the Week: Triggerfish

This week’s fish of the week is the Triggerfish!

Courtesy of Wikipedia
Courtesy of Wikipedia

There are over 40 species of triggerfish scattered throughout the global oceans. They are a very diverse collection, with many ranges of colors and sizes. The stone triggerfish can reach up to one meter in length! These fish like to eat bottom dwelling critters, such as worms and crabs. They have the unique ability to tuck themselves into holes and crevasses and locking themselves in with a specialized set of spines. They are unlocked using a “trigger” spine, hence the name trigger-fish! They can be aggressive and have been known to charge divers entering their front living room. Check out this home movie on YouTube if you need convincing! For more information, check out Animal Planet’s Fish Guide.

Find an aquarium near you and go see a triggerfish up close!

The triggerfish is the favorite of one of my fellow marine biologists and oldest friends. Thank you for all your support over the years, Nicole Charriere!

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