Fish Health Issues & Disease

Do Fish Pee?

a large group of fish swimming in a tank.

Do fish pee? You bet they do! Fish do pee, but since they live in water, seeing a fish pee is not a common occurrence. Depending on if they live in freshwater or saltwater, your fish may pee a lot or just a little. Thankfully, their hardworking kidneys are ready to help them no matter

How to Treat Hole in the Head Disease

a fish tank filled with lots of different types of fish.

**Post contains affiliate links** Hole in the head disease, also known as head and lateral line erosion, is a common disease in many freshwater and saltwater fishes. Many hobbyists are quick to grab an OTC drug to treat the initial sign, without digging into the deeper cause. Learn how to successfully treat hole in the

How to Get Rid of Worms in Fish Tanks

a large aquarium filled with lots of colorful fish.

**Post contains affiliate links.** Your fish tank is its own, unique, dynamic ecosystem. Your fish make up only a small part of its biological profile. Microscopic bacteria thrive in fish tanks and supply plenty of food for small invertebrates, including commensal worms. Worms in fish tanks are nothing to worry about and usually only mean

Eliminate Velvet Fish Disease

a close up of a fish in a glass jar.

Velvet fish disease can occur in both marine and freshwater systems. Although the marine form is much more common, fish owners should be aware of the clinical signs associated with this disease and what to do if you suspect velvet fish disease is in your system. Clinical Signs of Velvet in Fish For both freshwater

On-Location Pond Check with a Fish Veterinarian

On-Location Pond Check

What does a fish veterinarian do to check the health of your pond? Join our chief veterinarian, Dr. Jessie Sanders, as she checks the health of a koi pond with an ongoing ulcer issue. What is included in one of your “pond packages?” All of our pond packages include water quality testing and fish physicals

Fish Eyeball Removal

Koi Eyeball Removal

Watch our aquatic veterinarian perform a fish eyeball removal on a koi with a problematic chromatophoroma on his eye. This fish was unique in the fact that the other eye had been removed by our staff the previous year! Fish do just fine with one or no eyeballs, relying on their other senses, including their

Goldfish Buoyancy Surgery

Goldfish Buoyancy Surgery

One of our most beloved patients, Lemon, suffered from a fancy goldfish buoyancy disorder. After correcting her congenital oral deformity, Lemon was not able to take in enough air to swim correctly. In order to improve her quality of life, she was fitted with a temporary float. Are goldfish buoyancy disorders common? Our office sees

Cotton Wool Disease aka Columnaris in Fish

a person in blue gloves holding a fish.

No, it’s not a fungus, it’s a bacteria that looks like a fungus! This bacteria has confused hobbyists for years, wondering why anti-fungal treatments don’t work on what is actually a bacterial infection. Columnaris in fish is a common problem that has an easy and straightforward solution. What is “Columnaris?” Columnaris, formally known as Flavobacterium

Why Do Fish Jump?

a fish jumping out of the water with the words why do fish jump?.

Many of our clients have noted their fish jumping at various times and have wondered why they do it. But why do fish jump? Here are the most common causes of fish jumping: It’s feeding time and they’re excited. Just like your 2-year-old getting their favorite snack, some fish love feeding time above all else.

Fish Cloudy Eyes: Common Causes and Treatment

a close up of a fish with the words fish cloudy eyes.

Some fish are more prone to eye issues than others. Fancy goldfish with giant bulbous eyes are the first to come to mind, followed by bettas and koi. What is the cause of “cloudy” eyes and how can you prevent your fish from having permanent issues? Trauma – The #1 Cause of Fish Cloudy Eyes

Guppy Inbreeding

a large aquarium filled with lots of colorful fish.

There are many fanciful varieties of guppies, with “proprietary” strains being offered at almost every online site. Guppies are prolific and colorful fish, but beware when you search out these rare and unique strains. Like overbred goldfish, guppy inbreeding is rampant among these extra special varietals, so owners please be forewarned. Why is guppy inbreeding

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