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Koi Spawning: How To Successfully Breed Baby Koi

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Koi spawning is the technical name for koi reproduction or breeding. Provided you have the extra space, and at least one mature male and female koi, there is no reason you cannot try to spawn your koi. Even if you follow all of our suggestions, there is no guarantee that your fish will spawn. Some fish

Best Time to Add Fish to a Pond

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**Post contains affiliate links.* We are frequently asked this question, “when is the best time to add fish to a pond?” There are many factors that will determine if your pond and existing fish are ready for more pondmates. Before Your Start – Do You Really Need More Fish? In our 10 years in practice,

How to Keep Your Fish Cool

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**Post contains affiliate links.** We’re in the midst of some crazy temperatures right now and we have a lot of fish owners concerned about their elevated water temperatures. Here are some tips to keep your fish cool when temperatures rise. Why is water temperature important for fish? Remember that fish are ectotherms, meaning their body

Best Water Source for Fish Tanks and Ponds

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When filling up your pond or tank, what is the best water source to use? For most systems, standard tap water is perfectly fine for most pet fish species. However, some fish are a bit more particular about their water and can get very ill if special attention is not applied to their source water.

What happens to a koi pond in rain?

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Being exposed to the elements, a koi pond in rain can be open to many environmental changes. As long as you plan ahead and have a good grasp of your water quality, there is no reason to worry. If you are not familiar with a koi pond in rainy conditions, be sure to read on!

How to Care for Fish Pond in Winter

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**Post contains affiliate links.** Thankfully, in our service area, there are very few regions that have temperatures cold enough to freeze outdoor fish ponds. Provided you have the correct species in your outdoor pond, caring for a fish pond in winter is a relatively easy process. Remember, fish are ectotherms, with their metabolic processes relying

How to Remove Algae from Pond without Harming Fish

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** Post contains affiliate links.** When you mix fish with water and sunlight, algae is pretty much guaranteed. Most of the issues with algae is that humans don’t like to look at it, not its impact on fish health. Learn how to remove algae from pond without harming fish with some quick and easy steps.

Koi Pond Filters

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In order to provide koi with a proper environment, you will need to incorporate several koi pond filtration elements to ensure good water chemistry. (Looking for information on fish tanks? Check this out.) Before you build a pond, it is critical to properly plan your koi pond filters. If you are getting ready to upgrade,

Koi Fish Pond Basics

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**Post contains affiliate links where we make $$ for our product recommendations.** What are the basic requirements for a koi fish pond? What can be kept in a pond besides koi? How do you breed koi fish? What do koi fish in a pond eat? We’ll answer all your burning koi fish pond basic questions

Best Spring Pond Treatments

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Many pond owners will prophylactically treat their ponds every spring, regardless of many criteria. Whether it’s an anti-parasitic, a “clarifier” or a “refresher” treatment, you probably DON’T need to be adding most pond treatments. Using unlicensed products is a dangerous idea and if you aren’t sure of your total pond volume, you can severely hurt

Algae Effects on Fish

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Sorry to tell you that if you add fish to water, you will get algae. No matter how diligent your quarantine, you can’t avoid it. So what can you do to minimize your algae effects on fish? Should I be worried about algae effects on fish? Remember: people hate algae; fish don’t really mind it.

How to Prevent Fish Pond Predators

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Outdoor ponds are at the mercy of the elements. If you’ve designed your pond properly, your fish are set to weather many environments. But what are you to do if an animal starts to view your pond as an all-you-can-eat buffet? Learn how to prevent fish pond predators from eating your fish. Smart Fish &

3 Best Pond Fish For Outdoor Ponds

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Thinking about adding a pond to your landscape or investing more in what you already have? Trying to decide the which is the best pond fish for outdoor ponds? If you’re thinking about adding more fish to your pond, we advise you wait until your pond has been eating for a few weeks or late

System Deep Cleaning – Fish Warning

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** This page contains affiliate links that make us a little $$ from our recommendations. It does not change your pricing. ** Many systems can benefit from a deep cleaning once a year or twice a year. In order to get in there and get all the muck out, some owners and maintenance companies will

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