First, let’s get one thing straight: not all quarantine protocols are legitimate. You may have been told your fish has been “quarantined,” but what does that really mean? How long was the quarantine? Were they mixed with fish from other dealers? Were they prophylacticly treated with anything? We know ourLearn More →

Many pond owners will prophylactically treat their ponds every spring, regardless of many criteria. Whether it’s an anti-parasitic, a “clarifier” or a “refresher” treatment, you probably DON’T need to be adding it. Using unlicensed products is a dangerous idea and if you aren’t sure of your total pond volume, youLearn More →

Sorry to tell you that if you add fish to water, you will get algae. No matter how diligent your quarantine, you can’t avoid it. So what can you do to minimize your algae problems? Remember: people hate algae; fish don’t really mind it. The biggest concern with a massLearn More →

Outdoor ponds are at the mercy of the elements. If you’ve designed your pond properly, your fish are set to weather many environments. But what are you to do if an animal starts to view your pond as an all-you-can-eat buffet? Smart Fish & Caves Domestically bred fish are notLearn More →

Thinking about adding a pond to your landscape or investing more in what you already have? If you’re thinking about adding more fish to your pond, we advise you wait until your pond has been eating for a few weeks or late spring. This allows your fish to have anLearn More →

Many systems can benefit from a deep cleaning once a year or twice a year. In order to get in there and get all the muck out, some owners and maintenance companies will remove the fish and put them in a temporary holding tank. Before you toss the fish backLearn More →

Looking to decrease your water changes and grow some delicious veggies for your family to enjoy? Then you need AQUAPONICS! What is “aquaponics?” Aquaponics utilizes “natural” fertilizers in water to grow plants. It is similar to “hydroponics,” which uses synthetic fertilizers to grow plants. Aquaponics most often refers to growingLearn More →

We have had several of our clients ask us if it is okay to put plants in koi ponds. Simple answer? Yes! But aren’t plants bad for fish? Not one published scientific study has shown any plants attacking fish. Yes, they may be carrying different bacteria or parasites, but youLearn More →

If you keep any fish you will have multiple tanks at some point, even just a simple hospital/quarantine tank at the ready. You may have adopted a new tank off the “FREE” Craigslist page and want to use it for your fish. If you only have one set of equipment,Learn More →

Most pet fish live in either an indoor tank or outdoor pond. We already covered what the bottom of your tank should look like, but what about your pond? Ponds are much more diverse than tanks and can come in a variety of shapes, layouts and “all natural” finishes. WhatLearn More →