Koi Health & Welfare Program

Revamped for 2023!! This class brings together all aspects of koi health and welfare in order to develop smart, savvy koi owners. Based on our best selling book, How to Kill Your Koi, you will learn to navigating basic water chemistry, adding new fish and building them a life-long home, through various diseases and nutrition and a discussion on current koi welfare issues. This class brings in leading koi health experts to teach this 10-week class including a live lecture, take home assignments and quizzes. This class has been submitted for 12 CE credits for all veterinary professionals and is open to all.

What you will learn:
  • Bonus module: basics of koi anatomy and physiology
  • How to correctly set up a koi pond and various filtration components
  • How to test, interpret and correct water chemistry issues
  • Signs of common infectious and non-infectious diseases of greatest importance to koi
  • Proper biosecurity and quarantine protocols to keep your koi healthy
  • How to interpret a koi food label and choose the fish food best for your koi
  • Understand current koi welfare issues and consider how they may impact your koi environment
  • Learn how routine veterinary care can keep your fish healthy for decades and how to consult with a vet online
koi size
a group of koi fish swimming in a pond.

Starts: March 13, 2023 at 6pm PST (1 class a week for 10 weeks) - will be recorded for late participation

Price: $225
Student Price (must be verifiable): $115
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