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Our mobile veterinary service is here to help pet fish in California and Nevada.

Aquatic Veterinary Services is a mobile veterinary practice taking care of pet fish in California and Nevada

Aquatic Veterinary Services is the premiere mobile specialty aquatic veterinary practice providing top quality, immeasurable value for fish and their dedicated owners. We transform pet fish owners into savvy and skilled aquatic pet parents, resulting in healthy, stress-free fish with a tremendous quality of life.

Meet Your Fish Veterinarian

Dr. Jessie Sanders, DVM, CertAqV is the owner and chief veterinarian of Aquatic Veterinary Services. Dr. Sanders received her veterinary degree from Tufts University and was the 2020 President of the American Association of Fish Veterinarians ( and chair of the Aquatic Veterinary Medicine Committee of the American Veterinary Medical Association (

Dedicating her career to improving veterinary care for aquatic pets, Dr. Sanders has spent many hours training to build a unique set of skills to pass on to pet fish owners. She is a regular presenter at many national veterinary conferences on all aspects of fish health and veterinary care. Read more about Dr. Sanders’ career here (

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We Come To Your Tank or Pond

We are a fully equipped veterinary clinic ready to take the stress out of keeping your fish healthy. Our specialty services far exceed your usual veterinary offerings and are uniquely adapted to handling all types of fish. We offer pond or tank-side service and offer a complete array of veterinary diagnostics and treatments. Through our veterinary partners, we are able to offer advanced diagnostics such as CT and x-rays. Any required surgeries are also performed tank or pond-side with the help of our wonderful veterinary assistants.

Our Services for All Fish

Complete Pond/Tank Packages

Receive a complete assessment of the health of your pond or tank. These packages include water quality testing and physical exams of your fish under sedation.


Water Quality Testing

We offer a wide array of water quality testing and provide complete, simple interpretation with simple instructions to correct any issues you might have in your pond or tank.


Fish Physical Exams

All fish seen by our service are given thorough and complete physical exams. All fish are captured in a safe and efficient manner and usually given sedatives to make the experience low stress.


Schedule Your Fish Exam

Schedule an appointment or call us at (831) 278-1081.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Jennifer Chittum

Google Review:

Dr. Sanders has been quite literally a lifesaver, keeping my wet pets healthy.


Google Review:

Dr Sanders has helped us out with our pond and koi & goldfish three times now. Each time she has been efficient, knowledgeable and great with the fish.

Chris DiMaio

Google Review:

I use Dr Jesse whenever I have a problem with my koi.

NEW BOOK: How To Kill Your Koi

In this groundbreaking guide, Dr. Jessie Sanders shows you how to take care of your pet koi so they live long and healthy lives-without breaking the bank on expensive food, equipment, and veterinary care.

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Schedule an appointment or call us at (831) 278-1081.

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