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Aquatic Veterinary Services is a specialty mobile veterinary service for fish serving the California Bay Area and surrounding counties.

Aquatic Veterinary Services is the premiere mobile specialty aquatic veterinary service providing top quality, immeasurable value for fish and their dedicated owners. We transform pet fish owners into savvy and skilled aquatic pet parents, resulting in healthy, stress-free fish with a tremendous quality of life.

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Due to concerns about coronavirus (COVID-19), our office is able to make necessary changes in order to have your fish seen without direct human interaction. Your fish cannot carry the virus or transmit it to humans. Our veterinary staff will call you during your appointment to collect a history and submit all summaries and records electronically. Payment can be taken over the phone.

Indoor fish: please provide a separate water sample of 100ml or more and bring your fish outside. We can provide you with a net if necessary. Please take a 10-second video of your tank, including all filtration, to email to our office prior to your appointment.

Outdoor fish: please advise how to best access your pond and be sure to leave any gates open! If you routinely add any products to your pond, please leave them by the pond.

Owned and operated by Certified Aquatic Veterinarian, Dr. Jessie Sanders, Aquatic Veterinary Services is a 100% specialty mobile veterinary clinic dedicated to serving the needs of all aquatic animals. We offer appointments Tuesday-Saturday 9am-5pm and serve California Bay area and surrounding counties! Call NOW to schedule a check-up for your pond or tank

We are a fully equipped veterinary clinic here to take the stress out of keeping your fish healthy. Our specialty services far exceed your usual veterinary offerings. We offer pond or tank-side service and offer a complete array of veterinary diagnostics and treatments. Through our veterinary partners, we are able to offer advanced diagnostics such as ultrasounds and x-rays. Any required surgeries are also performed tank or pond-side with the help of our wonderful veterinary assistants. If you have any questions, please call (831) 278-1081.

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If you have a sick fish, please call

(831) 278-1081

If we are unable to answer our phones, our answering service will collect your information and we will get back to you promptly.

Our office is completely mobile. We will bring all of our specialized equipment to your home or business.