Betta Fish Tank Decorations

betta fish tank decorations

Looking for some amazing betta fish tank decorations? If you have a fish with delicate fins, such as a betta or fancy goldfish, then you need special decorations. Too many “fin rot” cases presented to our office actually turn out to be inappropriate decorations. Given the delicate nature and decreased swimming ability of these fish,

Fish Personalities: Is My Fish Acting “Normal?”

angel fish personalities

As a fish veterinarian, I am frequently asked about fish personalities. Well, although no scientific studies have been done, and honestly, I’m not sure how it would even be attempted, from my 10 years of experience, fish absolutely have personalities, with various fish behavioral quirks. Fish personalities can vary widely and many do not stick

Our Top 5 Best Beginner Fish

top 5 best beginner pet fish species

Looking to add a pet fish to your family house hold but have no experience? Well, our experts can help guide you to the best beginner fish available and how to set yourself up for success! Before You Get Started Before you head off to the pet store, ask yourself, ‘why do I want a

Help for Betta Fish Laying on Bottom of Tank

betta fish laying on bottom of tank

**Post contains affiliate links.** If you are concerned about a your betta fish laying on bottom of tank, here is a quick checklist of items to figure out what is wrong and how to fix it! Quick Overview: Betta Swim Bladder Function Like many other fish, bettas maintain neutral buoyancy through a specialized organ known

2 Steps to Quickly Help A Sick Betta Fish

a close up of a red fish in an aquarium.

*Post contains affiliate links.* . At our practice, we see a lot of sick betta fish. There are many steps that can be taken without a veterinarian to get your betta fish back to better health. Step 1: Put Your Sick Betta Fish in a Heated, Filtered Tank Gone are the days of bettas in

What fish can live with betta fish?

what fish can live with betta fish

When it comes to determining what fish can live with betta fish, individual personalities can supersede all of our recommendations. Some bettas just don’t play well with others, and that is okay! We have some goldfish who will always be only children too. Environmental Conditions Before you even consider bringing ANY two fish into the

How often do you feed a betta fish?

How often do you feed a betta fish

**Post contains affiliate links. We make a small percentage from our recommendations. Your price does not change.** A common question we are asked, is “how often do you feed a betta fish?” Given their tropical nature, like most other warmer tanks, bettas need to be fed at least twice a day. This is especially important

What do betta fish eat?

beta fish

**Post contains affiliate links. We take a small commission based on our product recommendations.** There are many misconceptions about what foods a betta fish can/cannot or should/should not eat. We’re here to give you the straight answer to “what do betta fish eat?” Betta Fish Nutrition What do betta fish eat in the wild? In

Is it normal for my betta to rest for long periods?


Most fish don’t have to work very hard to swim. Their streamlined bodies and powerful tails allow them effortless propulsion through the water column. But what if your tail is mostly just for show, like a betta? It’s the equivalent to trying to swim in a ballgown. For all of you out there who can

How to Tell the Gender of a Fish

sick fish

How to tell the gender of a fish? There are some situations in fish keeping where you will need to know which are boys and which are girls. For example: trying to set up a single sex population can help keep spawning practices from hurting your fish, but determining males from females can sometimes be

Tips to Prevent an Overfed Betta

A happy betta in his tank

It’s an unfortunate event when one of these shows up on our service. A tiny betta with a large lump on their belly. Of the follow differentials, none of them are any good. This is an overfed betta, Mycobacteria or a tumor. Sometimes, if a fish is cooperative, we can do a quick ultrasound and

Is it normal for my fish to change color?

a large orange and white fish in a blue container.

If you’ve owned your goldfish/betta/koi for a few years, you may have noticed that they might not look the same as when you first brought them home. It is NORMAL for many fish species to change color as they get older, with some orange goldfish turning white, white bettas turning blue, and black and red

How Long Do Healthy Betta Fish Live?

beta fish

**Post contains affiliate links.** Congratulations on purchasing a betta fish! Now that you’ve brought a new fish into your home, do you know how long they will live? Just how long do betta fish live? How to Give Your Betta a Long, Healthy Life If your betta’s home is in a bowl, you can expect

How Do You Treat a Betta Fish?


Betta fish can be a particular tricky species for an aquatic veterinarian to assess. Their tiny size limits diagnostics and usually limited water volume limits our ability to test water quality parameters. So, how do we work on such tiny fish? Most of the exams for our betta patients are mainly visual. They are very

How to Fix Your Betta

beta fish

There is no fish that lacks respect in the fish kingdom than the amazing betta. Just drop it in a vase and poof! Instant fish tank. Unfortunately, many betta fish do not survive very long in these environments. Learn how to fix your betta’s environment do they live a long a happy life. Our office

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