How often do you feed a betta fish for optimal health?

How often do you feed a betta fish

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A common question we are asked, is “how often do you feed a betta fish?” Given their tropical nature, like most other warmer tanks, bettas need to be fed at least twice a day. This is especially important considering that many betta fish tend to be overfed, receiving large meals infrequently. Along with inappropriate water temperatures, overfeeding can lead to a very dangerous gastrointestinal condition that can kill your betta.

Remember, when keeping any fish, maintaining optimal temperature for their species is critical. Bettas do best in temperatures between 78-82F (26-28C). Outside of this range, their immune function and digestion may not be operating well, causing gastrointestinal and other health issues. Please do not manipulate your fish tank’s temperature to try and combat any suspected diseases unless directed by a veterinarian. Although changing the temperature may slow the disease progression, you may also weaken your fish’s defenses.

If you are having a hard time maintaining a consistent temperature in your betta tank, you may want to consider a larger tank. There are not great heaters capable of maintaining a singular temperature in a small tank. The larger the tank, the larger the water volume and the more consistent the temperature will be.

How many pellets do I feed my betta fish a meal?

Once you have selected a diet for your betta, it is critical that the container is stored properly and replaced every 6 months. We have NEVER seen a betta actually finish a container of food. Since pellet size varies so widely, it is recommended that you feed the amount of pellets that would theoretically fit inside your fish’s eyeball per meal. This could be as few as 2 or 3, or up to 6 or 7, depending on the brand you choose. You do not need to soak your fish’s pellets prior to feeding. All fish can easily eat dry pellets and soaking only decreases their nutritional content.

How often do you feed a betta fish a day?

Starting with at least two meals a day, provided your tank is at the correct temperature, space your meals at least 6-8 hours apart. You can feed up to four or five meals a day provided they are smaller than eyeball size. Be sure to spread more frequent meals out 2-6 hours apart. This will prevent too much food from being in the intestines at once. Knowing your tank temperature is critical for good betta health. Do not trust your heater to work without checking it. Make sure your tank has a reliable thermometer and always have a spare heater handy.

If you are not available to feed your fish multiple small meals per day, you may want to consider an automatic feeder. This model is recommended since you can pre-measure out exact meals rather than spewing a random collection of food. You are welcome to incorporate treats into your betta’s diet, just keep in mind that these materials are supplemental and will not replace a complete pellet.

How often do you feed a baby betta fish?

Baby fish, along with actively breeding fish, need to be fed more protein and fat than their adult counterparts. Baby bettas, from fry to 4-6 months of age, should be fed food intended for baby fish, not necessarily bettas. Baby fry should be fed 3-5 times per day, very small meals. Depending on the amount of fry in the system, you may need to feed just a few sprinkles or a few heaps.

Learning how often do you feed a betta fish a day is a critical part of keeping your fish healthy.

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    1. a woman in a lab coat smiling for the camera.
      Dr. Jessie Sanders

      It may be normal for a day, as your fish gets adjusted to their new tank, but after that, they should start eating.

  1. I got my betta a 2 days ago, and today, she moved into her tank. She didn’t eat, and she was swimming around in one side. Then she only went on the other side of the tank. Should I be concerned?

  2. My betta has a black hole at the top of his tail on his back end of his body. I have treated him for fin rot with several recommended medicines including betta fix, salt and KanaPkex. He has had this for 3 months!!! He eats daily but we have to drop the food in front of his face. He will swim to different areas during the day and come to the top for air occasionally but he mostly rests (sleeps). What is this black hole and how do ai treat it? He does have new growth in some parts of his fins where he lost parts of the fins.

    Deborah Andrews

  3. My beta fish looks bloated and struggles to swim to the bottom and floats at the top all the time. I feed him 2 in the morning 2 at night. What’s wrong?

  4. How often should I feed my betta frozen brine shrimp a day? He won’t eat any other food, he used to like blood worms when I got him but since I gave him shrimp he won’t eat bloodworms or any other food I’ve tried. Is there a good vitamin to give him slso?

  5. Your information was really helpful. I learned a couple of things I need to change that I wasn’t aware of! So glad I have this to keep my little girl happy!

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