Fish of the Week

Fish of the Week: Coral Beauty

a blue and orange fish on a reef.

Hello there fish folks! It’s been a busy couple of weeks out here. Getting geared up for the koi show in San Jose next weekend. I hope to see all you locals there! Check out our last post for the show flyer. On to the fish! This week, our fish is the Coral Beauty (Centropyge

Fish of the Week: Tiger Barb

a fish that is swimming in some water.

We’re back fish folks! It’s been a busy couple of weeks. Everyone’s koi ponds are starting to have more activity with the coming warmer weather. Make sure to check out our party photos from last week’s post. They’re awesome! Onto the fish… Our fish of the week is the Tiger Barb! Tiger barbs (Puntius tetrazona)

Fish of the Week: Goldfish with Eye Tumor

a goldfish swimming in a tank with blue pebbles.

Hello fish folks! We have a fun case for your Monday today! Business is starting to heat up now that spring is on its way. We have 4 surgeries scheduled for the next two weeks, and this case got us started. This is a 5 year old goldfish that presented with a tumor protruding from

Fish of the Week: Bird Wrasse

The bird wrasse (Gomphosus varius) is a very peculiar looking fish. These saltwater fish use their long snout to catch tiny crustaceans down in holes and crevices for food. Therefore, they should not be kept with shrimps and invertebrates that look like tasty treats and are classified as “not reef safe.” They should be kept

Fish of the Week: Yellowhead Jawfish

a fish that is swimming in some water.

Our fish of the week is the Yellowhead Jawfish (Opistognathus aurifrons)! Otherwise known as pearly jawfish, these fish like to burrow in the sand and rubble to make their homes. They are a relatively peaceful fish, but also rather shy and like to hide in their burrows most of the time. If you would like

Fish of the Week: Longnose Hawkfish

a close up of a fish on a coral.

Two weeks ago we had long horns, now a long nose: our fish of the week is the Longnose Hawkfish! These fish have a distinctive elongated snout that is used to snatch tiny shrimp out of rock crevices in coral reefs. They are a peaceful reef fish and are get along with many other fish

Fish of the Week: Royal Gramma

a purple and yellow fish on a coral reef.

Happy February fish folks! Our fish of the week is the Royal Gramma (Gramma loreto). These fish have a very distinctive coloration, with their front half being brilliant purple and their back half yellow. They are planktivores, meaning their diet consists of plankton containing  zooplankton and tiny crustaceans. In the wild, their love of tiny

Fish of the Week: Longhorn Cowfish

a close up of a fish in an aquarium.

Our fish of the week is the Longhorn Cowfish (Lactoria cornuta)! Another member of the coral reef ecosystem, these boxfish have angular bodies covered in thick, fused scales. This armor-like coating makes it a little hard to move, so cowfish use extra fin effort to propel themselves. They are bottom-feeders, blowing jets of water into

Fish of the Week: Foxface

a yellow and white fish is swimming in the water.

The foxface (Siganus vulpinus) is a marine fish that also goes by the name of Foxface Rabbitfish, Common Foxface, and Foxface Lo. In the wild, foxfaces live in coral reefs, usually in pairs guarding one territory. They have a mean defense mechanism in the form of venomous spines along their back dorsal fin. They are

Fish of the Week: Arowana

a large fish swimming in an aquarium next to other fish.

Happy new year fish folks! We’re kicking off our 2014 Fish of the Week segment with the Arowana. The Arowana (Osteoglossum bicirrhosum) is a native of the Amazon basin. These amazing fish can reach up to 3′-4′ long! They can be kept in a home aquarium, but keep in mind that even the most advanced

Fish of the Week: Jack Dempsey

a fish that is sitting on some rocks.

This post is in honor of an e-mail I received shortly after my radio show yesterday. Apparently, just one of these little guys took down an entire tank of cichlids! Further warning to check species compatibility before adding new fish to your tank. The Jack Dempsey (Rocio octofasciatum) is a type of cichlid and one

Fish of the Week: Angelfish

a group of fish swimming next to each other.

I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving. We’re back with our fish of the week, the angelfish! Don’t forget, this coming Sunday, December 8th, is our next radio show! Tune into 1080AM or at 1pm PST to learn all about SHARKS! Yes, it’s our first shark show! Yippee! On to the fish! There are

Fish of the Week: Brittle Star

Last week, a jellyfish. This week, another invertebrate! Our fish of the week, the brittle sea star (not starfish, to be PC), is a member of the echinoderm phylum. This collection contains the other, fleshier sea stars, sand dollars, sea cucumbers and sea urchins. They all have spiny body parts, tube feet for locomotion and

Fish of the Week: Comb Jelly

Comb jellies are one of my favorite aquatic critters. Comb jellies (sea gooseberries, sea walnuts, or Venus’s girdles) are formally known as ctenophores. Ctenophores have 8 rows of ctenes, or “combs” that cause the shimmering rainbow appearance along the sides of the jelly. These are beat together in unison to propel the comb jelly through

Amazing Fish of the Week: Mollies

Mollies are common freshwater aquarium fish. They look a lot like a cross between a tetra and a fancy goldfish. Mollies are good beginner fish, but can quickly overwhelm a system with their proliferative breeding habits. Mollie Varieties There are two main varieties of mollies, short-fin and sailfin or lyretail. Sailfin mollies are much larger

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