Carp Edema Virus aka Sleepy Koi Disease

a koi pond with many fish swimming in it affected by koi sleepy disease.

Our office has seen in increase of Carp Edema Virus cases this year and we want you koi owners to know what to look out for. Also known as Sleepy Koi Disease, this virus can have deadly consequences for your fish. What is Carp Edema Virus? Carp Edema Virus (CEV) is an emerging pox virus

Koi Spawning: How To Successfully Breed Baby Koi

koi spawning products

Koi spawning is the technical name for koi reproduction or breeding. Provided you have the extra space, and at least one mature male and female koi, there is no reason you cannot try to spawn your koi. Even if you follow all of our suggestions, there is no guarantee that your fish will spawn. Some fish

Fish Personalities: Is My Fish Acting “Normal?”

angel fish personalities

As a fish veterinarian, I am frequently asked about fish personalities. Well, although no scientific studies have been done, and honestly, I’m not sure how it would even be attempted, from my 10 years of experience, fish absolutely have personalities, with various fish behavioral quirks. Fish personalities can vary widely and many do not stick

How is koi fish price determined?

a large orange and white fish in a blue container.

To novice koi owners, the price of koi fish can be hard to understand. There are many factors that are considered when determining the price of a koi fish. Learn how koi fish price is determined and what makes one koi a champion compared to dozens of others. Looking for more general information on koi?

What happens to a koi pond in rain?

koi pond in rain

Being exposed to the elements, a koi pond in rain can be open to many environmental changes. As long as you plan ahead and have a good grasp of your water quality, there is no reason to worry. If you are not familiar with a koi pond in rainy conditions, be sure to read on!

All About Japanese Koi Fish

Japanese Koi Fish

The koi fish, also known as the nishikigoi, is Japanese for “brocaded carp.” Japanese koi fish set the standard for all koi competitions and have some of the strictest breeding practices around. Interested in learning all about Japanese Koi Fish? Be sure to check out our Koi Health Seminar Series for more information. History of

Koi Fish Pond Basics

koi fish pond

**Post contains affiliate links where we make $$ for our product recommendations.** What are the basic requirements for a koi fish pond? What can be kept in a pond besides koi? How do you breed koi fish? What do koi fish in a pond eat? We’ll answer all your burning koi fish pond basic questions

How Many Koi Per Gallon?

a pond filled with lots of fish next to a bridge.

If you’ve read our other article on “How Many Fish per Gallon,” you know it’s not an easy question to answer, especially for a mixed species tank. However, for koi per gallon, there is a much simpler answer: For each koi you have, we recommend 250 gallons at MINIMUM! What are you talking about? That’s

What is the best koi food?

a fish that is swimming in some water.

** This post contains affiliate links that give us a small % of your total purchase for our recommendations. ** How do you tell which is the best koi food to feed your fish? Instead of the standard, “we tell you to buy this food,” we’re going to give you the tools to take ANY

How to Tell the Gender of a Fish

sick fish

How to tell the gender of a fish? There are some situations in fish keeping where you will need to know which are boys and which are girls. For example: trying to set up a single sex population can help keep spawning practices from hurting your fish, but determining males from females can sometimes be

Best Spring Pond Treatments

fish pond treatments

Many pond owners will prophylactically treat their ponds every spring, regardless of many criteria. Whether it’s an anti-parasitic, a “clarifier” or a “refresher” treatment, you probably DON’T need to be adding most pond treatments. Using unlicensed products is a dangerous idea and if you aren’t sure of your total pond volume, you can severely hurt

Best Plants in Koi Ponds

a pond in the middle of a building.

We have had several of our clients ask us if it is okay to put plants in koi ponds. Simple answer? Yes! Read along for our recommendations for the best plants in koi ponds. But aren’t plants bad for fish? Not one published scientific study has shown any plants attacking fish. Yes, they may be

How to Treat Egg Bound Fish

koi eggs surgery

Oh, goody! Another “disease” for our Fake Fish Diagnoses file. I recently received an email explaining how “egg binding” kills fish, and I figured it would be an excellent opportunity to set the record straight. Let’s learn all about what egg bound fish really mean. Many hobbyists are unaware that koi, and many of their

Is it normal for my fish to change color?

a large orange and white fish in a blue container.

If you’ve owned your goldfish/betta/koi for a few years, you may have noticed that they might not look the same as when you first brought them home. It is NORMAL for many fish species to change color as they get older, with some orange goldfish turning white, white bettas turning blue, and black and red

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