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How to Best Keep Livebearer Fish: 4 Most Common Types

two livebearer fish swimming in the sand

What are livebearer fish? In the fish world, these are fish that give birth to live young, rather than the eggs most others stick to. The two most common species of livebearer fish in the pet world are guppies, mollies, platys and swordtails. The biggest issue when keeping these fish is that it only takes

Fish Personalities: Is My Fish Acting “Normal?”

angel fish personalities

As a fish veterinarian, I am frequently asked about fish personalities. Well, although no scientific studies have been done, and honestly, I’m not sure how it would even be attempted, from my 10 years of experience, fish absolutely have personalities, with various fish behavioral quirks. Fish personalities can vary widely and many do not stick

How to Safely Add New Fish

add new fish

Before we get started with the how, ask yourself the question “do I REALLY need to add a new fish?” You may be going for a particular aesthetic or just have the sudden desire to add new fish, but take a minute to ask if a new fish is in the best interest of your

The Truth About Fish Eating Algae

fish eating algae

You may look at your tank or pond and note that your fish are happily munching on the algae around your pond. Well, if they’re eating that, why bother feeding them? Well, fish eating algae isn’t really about the algae, but more about what is living in the algae. Algae in Fish Ponds and Tanks

5 Ways to Conserve Water in Fish Ponds During a Drought

a pond filled with lots of water lilies.

**Post contains affiliate links.** Here in California, we are well aware of water restrictions. Keeping a large pond can make it hard to keep within our water budget and scrimping on pond water can have severe consequences for you fish. Here are our best tips to keep your fish happy and conserve water during a

How to Keep Your Fish Cool

keep fish cool under umbrella

**Post contains affiliate links.** We’re in the midst of some crazy temperatures right now and we have a lot of fish owners concerned about their elevated water temperatures. Here are some tips to keep your fish cool when temperatures rise. Why is water temperature important for fish? Remember that fish are ectotherms, meaning their body

How to Care for Fish Pond in Winter

Frozen fish pond in winter

**Post contains affiliate links.** Thankfully, in our service area, there are very few regions that have temperatures cold enough to freeze outdoor fish ponds. Provided you have the correct species in your outdoor pond, caring for a fish pond in winter is a relatively easy process. Remember, fish are ectotherms, with their metabolic processes relying

Learn How Often to Feed Goldfish

a large group of fish swimming in a tank.

**Post contains affiliate links.** Understanding how often to feed goldfish is an important concept for all owners to understand. In learning how often to feed fish of any species, it comes down to one critical point: temperature. Why is temperature important in feeding fish? Almost all fish, with very few exceptions, are ectotherms. This means

How to Remove Algae from Pond without Harming Fish

a boat that is floating in some water.

** Post contains affiliate links.** When you mix fish with water and sunlight, algae is pretty much guaranteed. Most of the issues with algae is that humans don’t like to look at it, not its impact on fish health. Learn how to remove algae from pond without harming fish with some quick and easy steps.

How to Get Rid of Worms in Fish Tanks

a large aquarium filled with lots of colorful fish.

**Post contains affiliate links.** Your fish tank is its own, unique, dynamic ecosystem. Your fish make up only a small part of its biological profile. Microscopic bacteria thrive in fish tanks and supply plenty of food for small invertebrates, including commensal worms. Worms in fish tanks are nothing to worry about and usually only mean

How to Fix a Fat Betta

Are these fat bettas?

**Post contains affiliate links. We take a *very* small commission from our recommendations.** It can be very challenging to determine if your fish is the correct body size. Is my betta too skinny? Do I have a fat betta? Since fish food does not have ANY calorie listings on the packaging or are you actually

Dechlorinator for Fish Systems: How to NOT Kill Your Fish

a picture of a water fall with the words dehlorinator for fish systems.

** Post contains affiliate links.** Using dechlorinator for fish tanks is a critical part to ensuring your fish system stays healthy. Some pet fish owners may not add dechlorinator regularly, which is not a smart thing to do. Treating your fishes’ water only takes one product and a few extra seconds that can seriously impact

How to Quarantine Aquatic Plants

a fish tank filled with plants and water.

Did you know that your new aquatic plants may be harboring bacteria and parasites that could hurt your fish? Learn how to combat this and keep your fish safe and healthy!

Fish Treats

a plate of watermelon slices on a black surface.

Yes, you can feed your pet fish your love just like your cat or dog. There are many fish treats available on the market for fish and not all are created equal. When adding treats into your fish’s diet, or curtailing their treat-rich diet, be sure to consider the following points. TREATS = NON-ESSENTIAL SUPPLEMENTS.

The Fish Products You ACTUALLY Need

a hand is pouring water onto a pool.

There have been countless appointments where our veterinary staff gets a long history of illness accompanied by 10-20 different OTC fish tank products. Some claiming this, others that; none of which help treat the problem. Of all the “magical” over-the-counter fish products and pond additives, which ones do you ACTUALLY need? Water Conditioner/Dechlorinator This product

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