Fish Tanks

Betta Fish Tank Decorations

betta fish tank decorations

Looking for some amazing betta fish tank decorations? If you have a fish with delicate fins, such as a betta or fancy goldfish, then you need special decorations. Too many “fin rot” cases presented to our office actually turn out to be inappropriate decorations. Given the delicate nature and decreased swimming ability of these fish,

Our Top 5 Best Beginner Fish

top 5 best beginner pet fish species

Looking to add a pet fish to your family house hold but have no experience? Well, our experts can help guide you to the best beginner fish available and how to set yourself up for success! Before You Get Started Before you head off to the pet store, ask yourself, ‘why do I want a

How to Keep Your Fish Cool

keep fish cool under umbrella

**Post contains affiliate links.** We’re in the midst of some crazy temperatures right now and we have a lot of fish owners concerned about their elevated water temperatures. Here are some tips to keep your fish cool when temperatures rise. Why is water temperature important for fish? Remember that fish are ectotherms, meaning their body

Best Water Source for Fish Tanks and Ponds

best source water for fish tank

When filling up your pond or tank, what is the best water source to use? For most systems, standard tap water is perfectly fine for most pet fish species. However, some fish are a bit more particular about their water and can get very ill if special attention is not applied to their source water.

How big do goldfish get? From 1″ to 14″!

only child gold fish personalities

As prominent members of the carp family, goldfish contain the genetics for very large growth. There are many giant goldfish claims that actually turn out to be orange koi, a very close cousin of the goldfish. Depending on the goldfish type in question, how big do goldfish get? How big do comet goldfish get? Comet

What fish can live with goldfish?

Gold Fish

When it comes to choosing goldfish tank mates, it mostly comes down to size and temperature tolerances. Goldfish are relatively easy going fish; for the most part, there are always outliers. Here is a selection of what fish can live with goldfish: Only Child Yes, your goldfish can be an only child. Most goldfish will

Algae Effects on Fish

a fish tank filled with water and plants.

Sorry to tell you that if you add fish to water, you will get algae. No matter how diligent your quarantine, you can’t avoid it. So what can you do to minimize your algae effects on fish? Should I be worried about algae effects on fish? Remember: people hate algae; fish don’t really mind it.

System Deep Cleaning – Fish Warning

a group of fish swimming in a blue pool.

** This page contains affiliate links that make us a little $$ from our recommendations. It does not change your pricing. ** Many systems can benefit from a deep cleaning once a year or twice a year. In order to get in there and get all the muck out, some owners and maintenance companies will

How to Add Aquaponics to Your Fish System

a fish tank filled with water and plants.

Looking to decrease your water changes and grow some delicious veggies for your family to enjoy? Then you need AQUAPONICS! What is “aquaponics?” Aquaponics utilizes “natural” fertilizers in water to grow plants. It is similar to “hydroponics,” which uses synthetic fertilizers to grow plants. Aquaponics most often refers to growing fish and plants simultaneously, using

How to Disinfect Fish Equipment

fish equipment cleaners

What should you use to disinfect fish equipment and what is the safest way to use it? If you keep any fish you will have multiple tanks at some point, even just a simple hospital/quarantine tank at the ready. You may have adopted a new tank off the “FREE” Craigslist page and want to use

What is the best fish tank substrate?

cleaning fish tank substrate with gravel vacuum

Fish tank substrate refers to the gravel, rocks, sand, etc that is on the bottom of your tank. Certainly it increases your tank’s aesthetic appeal, but do you really need it? The answer = no. “But my fish tank substrate provides biological filtration!” Yes, your substrate does hold some of the friendly nitrogen-converting bacteria, but

Snails in Fish Tanks

a fish tank with plants inside of it.

In order to create a healthy tank environment, snails in fish tanks can provide a more well-rounded habitat. “Get a snail to clean your tank!” Next thing you know, you have a snail tank instead of a fish tank. What causes these gastropods to replicate so quickly? How can you avoid an overpopulation of snails

How to safely upgrade a fish tank

a woman and two children looking at a fish tank.

Getting ready to upgrade a fish tank to something bigger and better? How do you make sure they survive the transition and get comfortable in their new home? Be sure to follow the next few steps to make the process painless! You MUST match pH and temperature between systems. Your tank pH and temperature is

Correct Quarantine Tank Setup (Hospital Tanks Too)

Fish Quarantine Tank

Any good fish owner will have a quarantine or hospital tank at the ready for any new or sick fish. Remember, proper quarantine procedures will save you time, money and LIVES. If you think you don’t need a tank, keep this list with you just in case the time ever comes. Always be ready with

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Top 10 Mistakes