Koi Health Seminar Series

Become a savvy koi owner and get your koi set up for success! Join us for five 30-minute presentations with quizzes and handouts prepared and presented by our Certified Aquatic Veterinarian.

Koi Health Siminar

Course Modules

It's All About Water Quality

  1. Module 1: It's All About Water Quality
  2. Koi Health Seminar: All About Koi Water Quality Slides
  3. Water Quality Testing Instructions
  4. Water Quality Log
  5. Module 1 Assessment Quiz

Create the Ideal Koi Habitat

  1. Module 2: Create the Ideal Koi Home
  2. Koi Health Seminar: Ideal Koi Habitat Slides
  3. Pond Volume Calculator
  4. Module 2 Assessment Quiz

Select the Best Koi Food for Your Fish

  1. Module 3: The Best Koi Food For Your Fish
  2. Koi Health Seminar: Best Koi Food Slides
  3. Koi Food Ingredient Breakdown Spreadsheet
  4. Module 3 Assessment Quiz

Let's Get Busy - Koi Edition

  1. Module 4: Let's Get Busy - Koi Edition
  2. Koi Health Seminar: Koi Reproduction and Plants Slides
  3. Aquatic Veterinary Services Guide to Koi Pond Plants
  4. Module 4 Assessment Quiz

Diseases of Koi

  1. Module 5: Diseases of Koi
  2. Koi Health Seminar: Koi Diseases Slides
  3. Koi Health Logbook
  4. Module 5 Assessment Quiz

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