Koi Herpesvirus Testing

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Springtime often correlates with new fish arriving from overseas and ending up in new ponds. We have had a few years with an increase in Koi Herpesvirus (Cyprinid herpesvirus-3) cases and it is important to have your new fish tested BEFORE they enter your pond. There are two types of testing available. All fish can

How long do koi live?

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There are many myths about the longevity of koi. Some rumors place the oldest koi around 250 years old! Although this is not substantiated, koi are certainly built to live a very long time. Learn how long koi live and plan for their entire lives in your pond. Depending on their lineage and breeding practices,

Can koi and goldfish be kept together?


We commonly hear this question and it’s a little bit of a headscratcher. Let’s look into the similarities and differences of koi and goldfish and what diseases you should consider between the two. The Goldfish – Carassus auratus Among the many variations of goldfish is a common ancestor. Thought to be a distant descendant of

How to Train a Fish

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The simple answer: yes. But what is the best method on how to train a fish? Many fish keepers do not give their fish enough credit for being smart. Most pet fish are above average intelligence and can be easily trained given their food-motivated behavior. How do I train my fish? Many aquariums use training

Top 5 Spring Diseases in Koi

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Every spring is koi season at Aquatic Veterinary Services! Here are our most common spring diseases in koi we can expect to see and the signs you should be aware of if any of these diseases are present in your pond. 5. Carp Pox Although not THE koi herpes virus, carp pox is also known

Top 5 Most Common Problems with Koi Ponds

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Koi ponds make up the majority of our veterinary practice, and in seeing so many cases, some common themes occur. Don’t make the same mistakes with your fish! Not Checking Your Koi Pond Daily – We know in the winter, when metabolisms are quiet, your fish are not very entertaining. However, even in the slower,

Koi Herpes Virus (KHV)

Koi Herpes Virus

With the increased incidence of Koi Herpes Virus (KHV) in the U.S. over the last few years, we have dedicated this resource to clear up any misconceptions. What is Koi Herpes Virus (KHV)? Koi Herpes Virus (KHV) is the common name for cyprinid herpesvirus-3. It is a cousin of “carp pox,” cyprinid herpesvirus-1. Cyprinid herpesvirus-2

Fish Immune Function

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When you live in a toilet, like fish do, it’s critical to have a well-functioning immune system. Being ectotherms, fish immune functions rely on the temperature of their surrounding environment to dictate their metabolism and immune function. Cold water = limited activity. Warm water = more activity. Hot water = poached. All things considered, a

How and Why Behind Barley for Ponds

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** This post contains affiliate links that give us a small percentage of your purchase for our recomendations. ** If you have any experience with keeping koi in large outdoor ponds, you’ve had some experience with algae. Controlling it is not always an easy task. Throughout your struggles, you’ve probably heard something about barley for

Koi Herpes Virus – FAQs

Koi Herpes Virus. Those three little words can spell disaster for any koi owner. Koi herpes virus is a viral infection that can kill 95-100% of exposed koi in 24-48 hours. Quarantining any new additions can keep KHV from spreading to established populations. With warm water and transport stress, fish will become sick and die

The Princess and the Pond

two orange and white koi fish swimming in a pond.

In every veterinarian’s career, there will come cases that try us mentally, physically and emotionally. For us here at Aquatic Veterinary Services, we have been tested by a case that we battled for almost 6 months. What started as a simple lesion steamrolled into a serious bacteria problem for multiple large koi. Princess, a 28″

The Realtor's Guide to Selling a Home with a Koi Pond

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Are you a realtor? Do you think it’s extra hard to sell a home with a pre-existing koi pond? Well, never fear! We’ve written the complete guide to selling a home with a koi pond: highlighting their many attributes while finding solutions to perceived challenges. Click HERE to download your copy or read on! The Realtor’s

No Pond Quick Start

Putting in a new pond comes with lots of challenges. You built it perfectly with great filtration and put in the most amazing fish, but your ammonia is off the charts and you can’t get your filter to start cycling. (Cycling is the process wherein good bacteria convert toxic ammonia to toxic nitrite to safe

How to Feed Koi

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** This post contains affiliate links. ** We know koi don’t come with any feeding instructions and it’s impossible to estimate a weight for proper calories. Here is the correct method on how to feed koi. What do I feed my koi? Figuring out the right food to feed your fish can be a tricky

New KOI USA Article: Pathogen Resistance

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If you have the newest edition of KOI USA (May/June 2014), turn to page 44 for another article on fish health from Dr. Jessie Sanders! Don’t get KOI USA? Well, you should! Click here for more information on how to subscribe. Dr. Sanders gave a presentation on pathogen resistance at the 2014 ZNA NorCal Koi

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Top 10 Mistakes