How To Kill Your Koi Book

In this groundbreaking guide, Dr. Jessie Sanders shows you how to take care of your pet koi so they live long and healthy lives-without breaking the bank on expensive food, equipment, and veterinary care.

With so few vets who specialize in pet fish, it can be hard to get reliable information. Who do you trust: your neighbor who swears she's been using one weird trick for years? An Internet forum? The salesman at your local pet shop? It's no wonder that so many koi owners fall prey to dangerous misinformation-myths that can lead to costly mistakes and even end up killing your koi.
Luckily, now you have an expert resource to help you make the best choices for your fish friends. A certified aquatic veterinarian and frequent speaker on national stages, Dr. Sanders is one of the country's leading voices in the growing field of koi care. In this comprehensive manual, you'll learn how to:
✓ Make sure your new pet doesn't bring home a disease that will decimate your other koi
✓ Give your koi the right amount of space as they grow (hint: it's more than you think!)
✓ Select a balanced and budget-friendly diet
✓ Keep track of which maintenance tasks you should be doing on what schedule
✓ Recognize the signs of koi diseases and when it's time to call the vet

Whether you're just starting to think of building a koi pond or you've been maintaining your aquarium for years, Dr. Sanders offers clear, friendly advice that will save you time and stress.

Pick up a copy of How to Kill Your Koi today, and make sure you're doing everything possible to avoid killing your koi!

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