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a koi pond with many fish swimming in it affected by koi sleepy disease.

Carp Edema Virus aka Sleepy Koi Disease

By Dr. Jessie Sanders | July 12, 2023
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Our office has seen in increase of Carp Edema Virus cases this year and we want you koi owners to know what to look out for. Also known as Sleepy Koi Disease, this virus can have deadly consequences for your fish. What is Carp Edema Virus? Carp Edema Virus (CEV) is an emerging pox virus

two livebearer fish swimming in the sand

How to Best Keep Livebearer Fish: 4 Most Common Types

By Dr. Jessie Sanders | July 5, 2023
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What are livebearer fish? In the fish world, these are fish that give birth to live young, rather than the eggs most others stick to. The two most common species of livebearer fish in the pet world are guppies, mollies, platys and swordtails. The biggest issue when keeping these fish is that it only takes

koi spawning products

Koi Spawning: How To Successfully Breed Baby Koi

By Dr. Jessie Sanders | June 21, 2023
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Koi spawning is the technical name for koi reproduction or breeding. Provided you have the extra space, and at least one mature male and female koi, there is no reason you cannot try to spawn your koi. Even if you follow all of our suggestions, there is no guarantee that your fish will spawn. Some fish

betta fish tank decorations

Betta Fish Tank Decorations

By Dr. Jessie Sanders | June 14, 2023
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Looking for some amazing betta fish tank decorations? If you have a fish with delicate fins, such as a betta or fancy goldfish, then you need special decorations. Too many “fin rot” cases presented to our office actually turn out to be inappropriate decorations. Given the delicate nature and decreased swimming ability of these fish,

test phosphate in fish ponds

Phosphate in Fish Ponds & Tanks

By Dr. Jessie Sanders | February 28, 2023
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There are many water quality parameters we test in order to determine fish health and many owners can be confused by the phosphate test included in many test kit packages. What does phosphate in fish ponds and tanks indicate for the health of your pond environment? What is phosphate? Scientifically-put, phosphate is the combination of

angel fish personalities

Fish Personalities: Is My Fish Acting “Normal?”

By Dr. Jessie Sanders | February 14, 2023
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As a fish veterinarian, I am frequently asked about fish personalities. Well, although no scientific studies have been done, and honestly, I’m not sure how it would even be attempted, from my 10 years of experience, fish absolutely have personalities, with various fish behavioral quirks. Fish personalities can vary widely and many do not stick

top 5 best beginner pet fish species

Our Top 5 Best Beginner Fish

By Dr. Jessie Sanders | January 31, 2023
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Looking to add a pet fish to your family house hold but have no experience? Well, our experts can help guide you to the best beginner fish available and how to set yourself up for success! Before You Get Started Before you head off to the pet store, ask yourself, ‘why do I want a

add new fish

How to Safely Add New Fish

By Dr. Jessie Sanders | January 24, 2023
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Before we get started with the how, ask yourself the question “do I REALLY need to add a new fish?” You may be going for a particular aesthetic or just have the sudden desire to add new fish, but take a minute to ask if a new fish is in the best interest of your

a group of fish swimming in a pond.

Best Time to Add Fish to a Pond

By Dr. Jessie Sanders | January 5, 2023
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**Post contains affiliate links.* We are frequently asked this question, “when is the best time to add fish to a pond?” There are many factors that will determine if your pond and existing fish are ready for more pondmates. Before Your Start – Do You Really Need More Fish? In our 10 years in practice,

fish eating algae

The Truth About Fish Eating Algae

By Dr. Jessie Sanders | October 4, 2022
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You may look at your tank or pond and note that your fish are happily munching on the algae around your pond. Well, if they’re eating that, why bother feeding them? Well, fish eating algae isn’t really about the algae, but more about what is living in the algae. Algae in Fish Ponds and Tanks

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