How Many Koi Per Gallon?

If you’ve read our other article on “How Many Fish per Gallon,” you know it’s not an easy question to answer, especially for a mixed species tank. However, for koi ponds, there is a much simpler answer: For each koi you have, we recommend 250 gallons at MINIMUM! What are you talking about? That’s way …

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Why Do Fish Jump?

Many of our clients have noted their fish jumping at various times and have wondered why they do it. But why do fish jump? Here are the most common causes of fish jumping: It’s feeding time and they’re excited. Just like your 2-year-old getting their favorite snack, some fish love feeding time above all else. …

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Fish Cloudy Eyes

Some fish are more prone to eye issues than others. Fancy goldfish with giant bulbous eyes are the first to come to mind, followed by bettas and koi. What is the cause of “cloudy” eyes and how can you prevent your fish from having permanent issues? Trauma – The #1 Cause of Fish Cloudy Eyes …

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How to Fix Poor Water Quality

So, you’ve tested your water and found something off. Or maybe you’ve noticed a small slide in your previous recordings. How should you fix poor water quality without making things worse? Ammonia Too High This is the most common problems in most fish setups. As the primary fish waste, high levels indicate your filtration hasn’t …

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Fish Popeye

No, not a cartoon character, but rather a physical descriptor. Fish popeye is another common problem we run into at our practice. What is “popeye” and how can it be treated? Is there a way to prevent it in your fish? Common Causes of Fish Popeye The #1 cause of fish popeye is trauma. Usually, …

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Guppy Inbreeding

There are many fanciful varieties of guppies, with “proprietary” strains being offered at almost every online site. Guppies are prolific and colorful fish, but beware when you search out these rare and unique strains. Like overbred goldfish, guppy inbreeding is rampant among these extra special varietals, so owners please be forewarned. Why is guppy inbreeding …

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Water Quality Ranges

fish tank water quality

Here are the water quality ranges for the most common types of pet fish. Click here to find water quality requirements for more exotic fish species. Goldfish (indoors & outdoors) Water Quality Ranges Parameter Range Ammonia ≤ 0.1 mg/L (ppm) Nitrite 0 mg/L Nitrate < 20 mg/L pH 6.5-9.0 kH (alkalinity) > 100 mg/L gH …

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