Fish Health Issues & Disease

Fin Rot in Pet Fish

a fish that is swimming in some water.

One of the most common calls we get from our clients is for fish with “fin rot.” Fin rot in pet fish is easily confused with trauma and general illness, especially in fish with ornate tails, such as bettas and fancy goldfish. So what exactly is “fin rot,” and how can you differentiate between this

Fish Stunting

only child gold fish personalities

Many people will say that some fish, goldfish in particular, will “grow to the size of their container.” Unfortunately, most fish stunting occurs without the owner even noticing. If given lots of room and food, carp species, including goldfish and koi, have the potential for ridiculous growth, up to 16-20″! Many of the largest goldfish

Cryotherapy in Fish

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Cryotherapy is being used more and more in aquatic veterinary medicine, but how does it work? DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. Like cryotherapy in other species, the most beneficial treatments are for superficial skin issues. Our office commonly uses cryotherapy to treat external lumps and skin disease like hikui. It is critical that the

Top 3 Problems with New Pet Fish & How to Fix Them

a fish tank filled with water and plants. how to clean a fish tank

** This post contains affiliate links that give us a small % of $$ for our recommendations. ** Sick at The Store It’s sad to say that many pet fish stores may be incubating serious diseases without any clinical signs. Many new pet fish that pass through wholesalers and distributors are not routinely tested for

How to Treat Egg Bound Fish

koi eggs surgery

Oh, goody! Another “disease” for our Fake Fish Diagnoses file. I recently received an email explaining how “egg binding” kills fish, and I figured it would be an excellent opportunity to set the record straight. Let’s learn all about what egg bound fish really mean. Many hobbyists are unaware that koi, and many of their

How to Save a Sick Fish

sick fish

** This post contains affiliate links where we receive a small percentage of your purchase based on our recommendations. ** If your fish is presenting any physical or behavioral signs of illness, don’t wait around for them to magically get better! Follow these steps for the best chance to save your sick fish. Step 1:

How To Find A Fish Vet To Help Your Fish

how to find a fish vet

Unfortunately, not many veterinarians are able to see and treat pet fish, so being able to find a fish vet to help your fish can be difficult. It is a growing specialty and we are working hard to spread the appropriate training materials and opportunities to those veterinarians who are interested. But what can you

Fish Rescue Guide

a goldfish swimming in a fish tank.

Not all fish start out with the best life. We have received several requests to assist with fish rescue jobs and owners unsure what to do with their new pets. Often taken in under less than ideal circumstances, what can do you do to make your new fish feel at home? Quarantine for Fish Rescue

Fancy Goldfish Buoyancy Help

a fish in a tank with plants and rocks.

Not all goldfish are created equally, especially fancy goldfish. Fancy goldfish buoyancy disorders are very common due to their manipulated anatomy. Many of these varieties have sacrificed internal function for hunched bodies, long, decorative fins and bulging body parts. Most comet and other long-body goldfish varieties will look like this on the inside (minus the

When is fasting sick fish necessary?

a person in a blue shirt and white gloves.

Many “internet fish helpers” recommend fasting sick fish, or decreasing their diet, and we have to ask…WHY?!?!? If you were constantly swimming to survive, you’d be burning a lot more calories than sitting at your desk, reading this article. When you’re sick, you often want to lay around in bed because your body is working

Stringy White Fish Poop: Normal or Sick Fish?

normal fish poop

Alright, we’ve cleared up the internet’s favorite fish diagnoses: swim bladder, dropsy, constipation and mystical green peas, but what about that “white, stringy fish poop?” Somehow, many internet diagnoses involve this mysterious phenomenon in fish and have linked it to internal parasites. Well, let us set the record straight… White, stringy fish poop is a

What causes floating goldfish?


Floating goldfish, especially post-eating, is a common issue that results in an internet wormhole. Let’s get some facts straight: Goldfish are Physostomous Fish Yes, it’s a big word. What is means is that goldfish, like many other carp, have a pneumatic duct between their swim bladder and esophagus. It connects in between the cranial and

Behavioral Signs of Disease in Fish

a fish in a fish bowl with a cat in the background.

Behavioral signs of disease in fish are harder to spot for most owners than physical signs of disease. By watching your fishes’ behavior consistently, for at least 5-10 minutes per day, you will be able to determine what is normal or abnormal for your fish. Some “fun fish quirks” may actually be a sign of

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