Fish of the Week: Koi

Happy President’s Day! Our fish of the week is the koi.

Koi (Cyprinus carpio)

Courtesy of Wikipedia
Courtesy of Wikipedia

Koi, a member of the carp (Cyprinidae) family, like the goldfish and zebrafish, are some of the most popular aquatic pets. Koi are kept in outdoor ponds and can be kept outdoors all year round, even in areas that are seasonally frozen over. As long as you keep their pond water flowing through an opening in the ice, they will go into a type of hibernation until the weather warms up.

Koi have a large variation in price, based on their type and coloration. Like dogs, koi are all the same species, but come in a variety of breeds. There are even koi shows where breeders can bring their fish to compete for best baby, adult and mature individual. Koi ponds are easy to set up at home. Make sure you have your yard marked for pipes and wires before digging! A good reference for starting up with koi is The World of Koi by Holmes, Pitham and Fletcher. Koi make a unique addition to any outdoor landscaping projects. They are hardy fish and require no special maintenance. Look for a local koi club to get involved with for support and troubleshooting answers. Although not kept at traditional pet stores, there are many koi specialty shops.

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  1. Love this info..our neighbors have a koi pond and always want us to take some….maybe Sean and Sarah will dig a pond????

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