Fish of the Week: Squirrelfish

Squirrelfish (Holocentridae)

Courtesy of Wikipedia
Courtesy of Wikipedia

Squirrelfish are a common aquarium fish, with bright red and white color patterns and big eyes. Not really resembling a squirrel at all, squirrelfish are nocturnal, hiding in dark places such as caves, under ledges and in cracks or crevasses. Their big eyes come in handy, allowing them to see well in the dark. Squirrelfish like to be together in groups, so if you are interested in displaying them in your aquarium, get at least 4 at once. Be sure to make sure they are all the same species; there are several from which to choose! They do eat small fish and crustaceans in the wild, so if you are adding them to a tank with snack-size fish and/or shrimp, beware they may be eaten!


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