Fish of the Week: Fan-Tailed Goldfish

Sorry it’s been so long fish fans! After battling illness and new paddling sports, it’s time to get back to the fish. This post is dedicated to one of my patients who fantailgoldfish1is indeed, a fan-tailed goldfish! These are another variety of “fancy” goldfish, like our Oranda a few weeks ago. Fan-tailed goldfish are distinguished by their long, fan-like tails. Sometimes, the tail is longer than the rest of the fish’s body!

As with other fish with long fins, such as butterfly koi, these fins are prone to tears if there is anything in their system that can snag a fin. After being torn, the scar tissue that forms slightly thickens and contracts the fin. Make sure that any system containing long-finned fish is free from fin snagging decor! Overall, these fish are very hardy and make a good fish for a first-time fish parent! They come in many different color combinations, so you’re sure to find one you like.



  1. Hello, Dr. Jessie, my fan-tailed goldfish and I want to send a hello and a thank you for all you tried to do to help us. There’s not much change but my love of the fish world does welcome me through the aquarium glass, lets me hold and feed him, gets excited and responsive and waves his front fins and tries to get closer when we talk. He is still alive and still getting his once a day feedings. I really think it’s because he’s found the attention he so craves and feels the bond we have. He is truly a my blessing and my fish world love. Warmest regards, Sherry

    1. Hi Sherry! It is great to hear that your little guy is doing well. He could not ask for a better fish mom. Take care!

      1. hi,

        I want to start breeding some fancy tailed goldfish in my pond, but do not want any of the strange looking ones with the bug or bubble eyes nor the oranges due to their wens getting so big. I really i would live to start raising some veil tails but would not know even where to start looking for them. Any Ideas of a good place to start looking?

      2. I would recommend you contact Cal Hansen, president of the Santa Clara Koi Club. He is actively involved in goldfish breeding and would be a great resource to contact. I would recommend you contact him at one of their monthly meetings.

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