Fish of the Week: Foxface

FoxfaceThe foxface (Siganus vulpinus) is a marine fish that also goes by the name of Foxface Rabbitfish, Common Foxface, and Foxface Lo. In the wild, foxfaces live in coral reefs, usually in pairs guarding one territory. They have a mean defense mechanism in the form of venomous spines along their back dorsal fin. They are one of the easier fish to keep in a saltwater tank, provided their is a lot of room for them to swim around and all the other fish to swim around them (remember, spines!). A tank greater than 125 gal is recommended. It is not recommended that you combine different species of rabbitfish. For a great chart of marine fish compatibility, check out this page by LiveAquaria.

Coral-keepers be aware that the foxface will nibble at your coral, since this is part of its wild diet. Even with those spines, foxfaces are primarily herbivorous and like to have fresh veggies in their home aquariums. Please take extreme caution when handling these fish! They may decide to turn their spines on you! Use a net of appropriate size when moving foxfaces and make sure all family members know that these fish can be dangerous. (Not life threatening, but it will hurt A LOT!)

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