Goldfish Oral Reconstructive Surgery

For those of you who have seen pictures of our little buddy, Lemon, here is some more about his story:

Lemon was rescued by his current owners from a poorly maintained system that was overcrowded with fancy goldfish. He has always had a slight malformation of his mouth.

Lemon prior to surgery

Since he has grown bigger, his mouth has become quite problematic, ultimately resulting in a collapse of his mouth on the right side:


In order to correct this problem, so Lemon could eat normally, surgical intervention was required. Lemon was brought into Aquatic Veterinary Services for surgery to correct his collapsed lips.

Lemon on the surgery table.
Lemon on the surgery table.
Dr. Sanders operating while hospital manager, Sara, administers anesthesia via a syringe.
Dr. Sanders operating while hospital manager, Sara, administers anesthesia via a syringe.

Dr. Sanders was able to correct the mouth deformity by placing two tiny sutures in the corner of his mouth.


Lemon stayed in the hospital for 4 days in order to monitor his recovery. By the end of his stay, he was eating very well and able to close his mouth for the first time in a very long time.


His sutures will stay in for two weeks and then be removed. We hope to give you an update when they he is all set!

Get well soon, Lemon!


8 thoughts on “Goldfish Oral Reconstructive Surgery

  1. Lemon is super happy you helped him! He’s excited to get his stitches out.
    We’re really grateful and happy you guys were around. It’s not something I would have felt comfortable leaving him with. I’m pretty sure he would have died.

  2. My gold fish staying in bottom and not moving. Earlier two weeks her spine injured and after that she won’t be able swim face side and then she was moving on her back and now staying in bottom and not eating since yesterday. Please help as I don’t want to let her die.

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