Dear Fish Tank Owners,

Please stop replacing your filter media every month.

I know it says to do so on the box! But, guess what? They do that in order to SELL MORE!!

When you take out your old filter media and toss it in the trash, you are discarding all of your good bacteria. These good bacteria maintain your biological filter and keep your nitrogen cycle up and running.

Most of those floss filter pads are designed to fall apart rapidly. Replace your filter media with a sturdy sponge and it will last you for several years! In order to keep them clean, squeeze them out gently in your waste water after siphoning your tank.

I know this goes against everything that is printed on the sides of your box of filter media pads, but you have to trust us. We are telling you this in the best interest of your fish and system. Just try it!



  1. I’ve wondered about this. Unfortunately, Aquatop recently decreased the thickness of their sponges and they absolutely fall apart faster. That said, can you recommend a high quality sponge material I could buy in bulk and cut to size myself? I have a FZ13 so need a certain shape to fit the canister.

    1. Whoops. Should’ve searched a bit first. Drs. Foster and Smith website has all kinds of varieties in bulk (blue, 1″ thick fine white, carbon infused.) I also know some people simply buy bulk poly fill from Michaels or any fabric store (the he padding material for quilts, pillows, etc.)

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